How to Include Your Pet in Your Wedding

How to Include Your Pet in Your WeddingIncluding pets in your wedding is one of the greatest ways to personalize it. But have you ever thought that bringing your dog or cat to the ceremony isn't the only thing you have to do? It actually requires much more preparation, than usual wedding, and you certainly will find useful our tips on how to include your pet in your wedding.

Choose the venue properly. When you choose the venue, the very first question you have to ask, if they allow pets. It's very important, so you won't have the last minute issues. Even if they do, remember to tell, if your pet is a horse or a pig. Dogs and cats usually go without saying, but what about other animals?

Think of their attire. It's only your decision, whether your pet will have some lovely attire or not. Many couples just use a cute bow or a flower on a collar to make their dog look special. But if you'd like your dog to wear a fun tuxedo, then make sure, that it feels fine about disguising. Some pets love it, while some can't stand having any kind of clothes on.

Assign the role to your pet. There are many ways to include your dog or cat in your wedding ceremony. A flower girl and a ring bearer are the most common way how dogs participate in the ceremony. If your dog is very small for such role, you think your cat won't go down the isle, or you have a bunny, then make your pet part of your wedding bouquet. After your go down the isle together with your pet, hand it to someone, who will hold it for the rest of the ceremony.

Think of a pet sitter. No matter how big your pet is, you will need the pet sitter. This person will take care of your pet during the special day and take it home. Make sure, that your pet already knows this person and feels comfortable with them. It would be great, if it were your relative or a friend. This also can be a professional sitter, but you need to introduce this person to your pet in advance.

Tell your photographer about the pet. Your wedding photographer has to know what to expect, even the presence of your pet. This information will help him think of nice pictures of you as a couple and your pet. By the way, if you don't include your pet in the ceremony, then make some lovely pictures with you pet after it.

Other ways how to include your pet. There are plenty of ways to include your pet in your wedding ceremony even without their presence. Use the printed silhouettes of your pet while designing wedding invitations, RSVP, thank-you cards. Your pet's picture can be used for the wedding stationary. Also think about including your pet silhouette into the cake topper and making pet-themed wedding favors.

Include information about your pet to invitation. The presence of your dog or cat should be included into the text of your invitation letter. It's done in case if someone is allergic to animals.



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