How to Bring Micro Meditation Into Your Everyday Life

How to Bring Micro Meditation Into Your Everyday LifeThose people who practice meditation every day know how great it feels. But full meditation requires some sitting time, that may not be easy to find. The only way out is to practice micro meditation, that requires only about 2 minutes. It's fast and helps clear mind, but how can you bring micro meditation into your everyday life?

Meditation is the practice that clears your mind and makes you concentrate on things that you feel. It releases your emotions and lets tame your mind. And if you think that it's impossible, it's time to teach your mind meditate everyday.

The time that you spend for commute you can spend for meditation, of course, if you go by bus or underground. Slip on earphones and close your eyes, sit straight and breath deeply. It's a good starting point for those, who want to incorporate meditation into the daily routine and don't know where to start. Such an unusual place will help you learn meditating during the day in any circumstances.

You can take any time when you're still for practicing, whether you're waiting on the phone or stay in the queue. If you manage to obtain a moment of stillness, then you've just meditated. As you practice, you can have a couple of moments of stillness, and during this time your mind will “reboot”.

Whenever you feel that your emotions go too high, make breathing exercises. They actually go hand in hand with meditation, that's why they can be called a sort of it. With your mouth closed breath in through your nose, then hold the breath for a moment and exhale again through your nose. After exhale pause for a while to prepare you lungs for the next inhale. Repeat this simple exercise as long as you have time.

Don't regard meditation as one of the ways to relax your mind. Actually it helps you to make your mind concentrate on one thing only, never allowing it to wander or be overwhelmed with thoughts or emotions. And you can meditate while doing almost anything. Everything you need is to slow down and concentrate on things that you do. Whether you are washing up or make beds, you can meditate. For instance, when you're washing up, tell yourself “reaching” while you reach for the next plate, then “washing” while you wash the dish and “drying” as you dry it. Many activities can be done this way. The trick is to concentrate on what you're doing right now, instead of thinking about the effects of it or letting your mind wander. Stay focused on the activity you do and it will be your micro meditation.



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