What Should You Do If You Hate Your Engagement Ring

What Should You Do If You Hate Your Engagement RingYou've been waiting for this moment for such a long time and now you're officially engaged. But the moment of happiness is overshadowed by the engagement ring you've received. It's definitely not what you like, although you've made thousands of subtle (and no so subtle) hints! So, what should you do, if you hate your engagement ring?

Don't think that you're alone, who dislikes the ring. Actually, only about one quarter or brides is involved in choosing the ring, and you might already guess, that the rest either somehow live with the ring they have, or do something with it. In case you don't want to disappoint your fiance, then fake it till you make it. You're not going to marry the ring, it just represents the feelings both of you share. So soon it will mean to you much more, than just a ring that you hate. It will be a symbol of your everlasting love, and you might never want to trade it for anything else.

In case you don't think that you will be able to look at your ring all the time, then remember, that many wives never wear their engagement rings. You can hang it on a chain and wear like that, and it won't offend your fiance at all. Or you can put it in a casket and keep it there as an heirloom. The latter is a good way out, if you've got the engagement ring of you fiance's grandmother. It's better to keep silence and pretend, that you love the ring. The ring isn't worth spoiled family relations.

However, keeping the ring isn't always the best idea, especially, if you can't stand it all. In this case you can try to improve your ring. For instance, if your engagement ring is very simple, then you can add some sparkles to it by your wedding band. Don't hesitate to buy the band that you admire, because now it's your turn to choose.

Many brides like to improve their engagement rings, when they don't mean so much, as they did before. In five years, let's say, you can change the mounting according to the trends, or re-set the stone. It's totally OK to do it. Or you can even swap it for something that is less fraught.

If you don't want to wait for so long, then you should talk to your fiance about the ring. Ask him, if you can exchange the ring, because you totally dislike this one. Make sure, that you don't hurt his feelings, that's why tell, that you love being engaged. But remember, if you think that exchanging the ring is the option, don't wait for two months before talking about it. The jewelry stores allow to exchange or return the ring within certain period of time, and don't forget, that there can be some additional re-stocking fee and policies.



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