6 Ways to Cope With Your Financial Stress

6 Ways to Cope With Your Financial StressEvery year thousands of people suicide because of their debts. Trying to save at least something and having debts that grow everyday isn't easy, and financial issues keep buzzing your day and night. Is it possible reduce the excess worry? Yes, and we give you 6 ways to cope with your financial stress.

Money anxiety disorder is what can be the latest American epidemic. It becomes a significant cause of stress, which is frequently observed at women. Women are more concerned about job stability and money than men, and these thoughts cause many health problems, rating from high blood pressure to heart attacks. We're not going to let it happen!

#1 Use hypnosis. Hypnosis is helpful when people want to quit drinking or smoking, but it's also good for releasing stress caused by your financial problems. The method can be used on yourself, but first of all you need to try professional sessions. Yes, hypnosis won't make you richer at all, but at least you will feel better about the amount of money you do have.

#2 Think of something else. There might be some things that make you feel much better and keep thoughts about your monetary problems away. For instance, it might be a piece of your favorite pie. Whenever you can afford a piece of that pie, your thoughts will be swirling around it, not around your financial problems. And whenever you're so tight on a budget that can't allow yourself indulge into, then opt for free activities.

#3 Take care of your partner. Taking care of somebody isn't only great for your relations and person who feels loved. It's also great for you, because it reduces stress level. So whenever you feel terrible about your financial problems, think about your partner and whatever you can give to them.

#4 Knit. Focusing on a needle work or anything that involves repetitive motion, like knitting, brings what is known to be as the relaxation response. Repetitive motions are like the meditation, they make your blood pressure drop and slow down your heart rate.

#5 Deal with your mail at once. Receiving bills from creditors, utilities and the like isn't fun. If you know that you're prone to worry about your monetary issues, then don't open your mail at once. Leave it for several days and open all of the letters on one day only. Let it be once or twice a month. Managing financial stress only a couple of times a month is much easier then living with it constantly.

#6 Find a mantra. Whenever your worries start to creep in again, use mantra to relax and calm down. It shouldn't be a sentence that makes no sense for you. In fact, repetition of words that you understand is more efficient. By the way, your mantra may be not words only. It can be a happy memory or thinking what you could do to the broken pottery you've been collecting. No matter what's your mantra. The thing is that you don't worry about money any more.



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