8 Best Wintertime Activities for the Whole Family

8 Best Wintertime Activities for the Whole FamilyWintertime is great, but it doesn't mean, that all afternoons you will spend inside. And although there are still so many days before spring, you and your family can have fun outdoor, that will make your hearts pumping. Check out our list of eight best wintertime activities for the whole family.

#1 Build a snowman. Do you still remember how to roll the snow and make three parts of a snowman? If you're creative enough, you can try your hand at making different snow figures. And even if they all look like an awkward version of a snowman, don't worry, because it's still fun and it's also an awesome exercise for everyone.

#2 Go tracking animals. Grab your kids, go to a park and look for the animal tracks in freshly fallen snow. Don't forget to take a camera and make some photos of the tracks you've seen. Later you can use the Internet to find out, what animal has left them.

#3 Sledging. Going down the hill is the funnest thing for sure, but what about the way back up? However, kids, as well as adults, love it. So go to the major retailers and pick up a sled, if you still don't have one and enjoy the fun!

#4 Ice skating. Skating is the major and the most beloved winter sport. Your family will love being at the skating rink. And if your kids still don't know how to skate, don't worry, many rinks have special contraptions, that help standing while learning to skate.

#5 Snowball weigh-in. Wintertime is great for science too, so you can go exploring the world around you together with your kids. Suggest your kids making snowballs and later you can weigh them. You can do that indoors and then watch the snowballs melting. Put the snowballs in different places, and see, where they melt the fastest and how much water they produce.

#6 Winter lookout. Create a hunt game for your kids! For instance, ask them to gather as many pine cones as they can in five minutes. Or they can make as many snow angels and snowballs in one minute. Not interesting enough? Then ask kids, how many trees they can count from one place or how many dogs they can see in the park.

#7 Start a snowball fight. It's so fun to have a snowball fight with your family! However you need to help the younger child and supervise, that the fight doesn't turn into bullying. Here's a tip for you: snow won't form a ball on a super cold day, so lay down on it for a couple of minutes to heat some up and then use it for the snowballs. Don't make them too firm to avoid hurting each other.

#8 Snow baseball. Play a snow baseball with your kids and even neighbors. You need to make a baseball diamond and four snow mounds for the bases, home and a mound in the middle for the pitcher. Also ask everyone to make a pile of snowballs. Then place a can or a bottle on top of each mound and ask the pitcher to knock all of them by throwing the snowballs at each one. The winner is the pitcher, who used the fewest snowballs to knock all four bottles or cans over.



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