7 Tips for Meeting Your Girlfriend's Parents

7 Tips for Meeting Your Girlfriend's ParentsMeeting your girlfriend's parents really means, that you're ready for the next big step in your relations and it shows your intentions. Although you've met lots of people in your life, these become very important for your future and you feel a bit nervous, because you need to impress them and win their approval. Our 7 tips for meeting your girlfriend's parents will help you shine like a star.

#1 Do some investigation. Before you meet your girlfriend's parents, you need to know what kind of people they are. What do they do for living? Are they religious? What are their political views? If your girl doesn't want to talk to you about it, then just ask her about her childhood and her memories connected with her parents. This will give you an idea of how strict or easy-going they are. You will need this background knowledge later, when you will be talking to her parents.

#2 Choose clothes properly. You don't have the second chance to impress, that's why think about your outfit before you leave your place. If it's going to be a picnic, then opt for a polo and khakis. If it's a family dinner, then trousers and a button shirt are the best choice. And if you're going to a restaurant, then add to the latter a tie and a jacket. Your clothes have to be clean and ironed!

#3 Take flowers. Women love men who make presents, that's why bringing a bouquet of flowers for her mom is strongly recommended. By the way, if you take it from the grocery store, then don't forget to remove the price tag.

#4 Make a good impression on her mom. If you want you girlfriend's mom like you, then use compliments to praise her house (you can skip it only in case the house is clearly a dump). Also compliment the food her mom cooked and always ask for the second, even if you're not hungry any more or you didn't like the food at all. However, don't over try and be sincere about the things you tell, because people feel when they are lied to.

#5 Make a good impression on her dad. Don't act nervous, if you are afraid of her dad. He might clearly size you up or intimidate you, but you don't need to act intimidated. If you stutter or constantly look at your shoes and can't say a word, you will never win his respect.

#6 Respect house rules. In case you stay overnight at your girlfriend's house, then be a good guest. Follow the rules and obey, if won't sleep in your girlfriend's room. By the way, don't forget to take a T-shirt and your pajama pants, so nobody will see you in your skivvies, if you sleep on a couch in the living-room.

#7 Give them a nice goodbye. When you leave the house, don't forget to thank them for the visit. Tell how nice it was meet them and shake hands. In case her mom gives you hug, then give it back, and make sure that it's a good one.



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