How to Burn Calories

How to Burn CaloriesToday you can hardly find a person who does not know that one of the main principles of weight loss is negative caloric balance. You will get slim when you consume less calories than you burn. Let's learn how to burn calories.

Calories are the units of energy that body consumes to perform any functions (metabolism, breathing, heartbeats). You expend calories all the time even when you have a rest. However such expense is not sufficient and you should look for the effective ways to burn calories.

The most effective way to burn calories is going to fitness and doing sports. You do not have to spend the whole days in gym, because such common daily activities as cooking, shopping, ironing will also help burn calories. Change your daily routine and you will lose your weight faster.

For instance, 1-hour walk per day burns 200-250 calories. 1-hour cycling will help burn more than 300 calories.

15 minutes of active shopping or bowling can burn 100 calories. You can also burn the same amount of calories with the help of the following activities: a 12-minute roller skating, 13-minute beach volleyball playing, 20-minute dancing or swimming, 20-25-minute physical exercises.

Wash your car for 25 minutes, walk your dog for 42 minutes, drive your car for an hour, sleep for 2 hours, play cards or try on clothes for several times and you will burn 100 calories.

Mental activity is an effective way to expend calories as well. For example, 3 hours of reading will make your body burn 220 calories, one hour of typing can help burn 140 calories. You won't believe but you have only to surf the Internet to burn 101 calories.

When your body is at rest, it expends roughly 1300-1400 calories per day. The difference between this amount and the amount of calories that you consume with food will indicate how many calories should be burned to maintain your current weight. You should increase the difference if you want to lose weight. The more calories you will burn, the faster you will lose your weight.