How to Survive Holidays Alone

How to Survive Holidays AloneThanksgiving Day opens the holiday season and everyone is eagerly waiting for Christmas and New Year to come. Presents, laughter and happiness are in the air, but you're miserable, because you have to spend holidays alone. Whether you've divorced or broke up with your partner, our tips on how to survive holidays alone will help you.

The feeling of loneliness is devastating and it kills you, because you used to plan and look forward to the best days of the year, when you can relax, stay with the person whom you love. But now all your plans are ruined, and you feel miserable. Don't let this feeling spoil your holidays! And you have two ways to go: socialize or enjoy plenty of me-time.


For those, who can't imagine celebrating holidays alone, we'd recommend socializing. The feeling of loneliness is very tricky, because is makes us feel, that nobody cares about us and doesn't want to be with us. But it's not true, you have friends and relatives, and they will be happy to celebrate holidays with you.

Start asking your relatives and friends about their plans for the holidays as early as you can. Doing it on the eve won't bring you a good result. At least one person might tell you, that they have no special plans, and here you can expect for an invitation. However, being an invitation hunter is a bit tricky and risky, because if no one will invite you, you will feel miserable. Instead of this you have to be the person who organizes something.

Social media will help you get together with your friends and spend quality time. However, if you organize something, be precise about the things you want to do. Posting mere “Let's get together” won't give a lot of response, because people don't know what they will do. Be more precise about the things you want to organize, for instance, the post “Let's go caroling tomorrow” will bring you more responses and people, who want to participate.


Those who can't socialize can spend a great time alone, but the key is to change your understanding of the holidays. Leave all planning and expectation pictures in the past, because now it's nothing like that, and it's totally normal! Shift your own perception of holidays and what they should be to the time, when you finally can do something for yourself. We're sure, there are plenty of things you were postponing, and now you've got a great opportunity.

There are plenty of things that you can do to have great holidays: start a new project, paint the walls, stay active or start a new tradition. No? Then grab an interesting book and read it for a whole day, many people would find it the best way to spend a day, but they don't have this opportunity.

As you see, there are many things you can do and have great holidays. Whether you stay alone or find someone who is alone too, you can spend a great time.

Happy holidays and take care of yourself.



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