How to Get Out of Any Annoying Conversation

How to Get Out of Any Annoying ConversationWe've all been there: some people just won't leave you alone and talk, talk, talk... We don't want to be a part of this conversation and would do anything to stay out of it. No need to pretend to be a good listener, because our tips will help you get out of an annoying conversation.

#1 Be straight and tell the truth. It's actually the best way to stop the conversation you don't like. Honesty usually gets the job done and the people who annoy you change the topic or go away to annoy someone else. However, if you don't want to be brutally honest, then use our next tips.

#2 Go to the toilet. The urgency to use the toilet is always a good excuse to end the conversation and sneak from people who annoy you. However, sometimes people can use your excuse and follow you, because they also feel the same urgency. In this case just try to stay in the cabin for a longer time and tell that person to go ahead and not wait for you.

#3 Make your job your excuse. Nobody wants to be in the way of earning money, so use the excuse that you have to do some work. For instance, you have to check emails or get ready for meeting. Everyone understands that work is the priority and you can't deny the time it needs.

#4 Pretend to be hungry. You can't chat with people, if you're hungry, so use it as an excuse to have a snack. Well, it won't work if you're at a dinner party. However, you can use another strategy, if you don't want to be a part of this annoying and boring conversation. Just tell that you want to order something and go studying the menu. Take your time and choose whatever you want to. And hope, that till the time you make your choice the conversation will be over.

#5 Errands. Look at your watch during conversation and do it as often as possible. The other person isn't blind and will see that you're in hurry. If they continue with their boring conversation, then make an excuse to leave. For instance, you have to leave right now to get some stuff for the house. If they insist on accompanying you, then tell that the place you go will be very inconvenient for them, however, appreciate their offer.

#6 Fake call. The fake calls or text messages will work if you're together with your friends and you can't sneak. Everyone will see that you need to answer a phone call or write a message and leave you alone. However, make sure that nobody sees that you're too busy with your phone before you get that call. For instance, you can use some applications, that allow you to time a fake text message or a call.



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