How to Choose a Wedding Photographer

How to Choose a Wedding PhotographerWedding photography is extremely expensive, and it's understandable that you'd like to save some money, especially if you're on a tight budget. However, money is the secondary thing you have to think over when you're choosing a wedding photographer.

There are plenty of photographers around here. Well, almost everyone who has a good camera and loves photography can call oneself a photographer. But when it comes to the terms of a quality of pictures, many of the so-called professionals should be dismissed. And sometimes it may take quite a long time to find a photographer who will articulate the event right exactly the way you want it.

Start searching for photographers just right after engagement. You will never believe it, but good photographers book their schedules almost a year in advance. However, if your wedding is on out-of-season days, then you have chance that many good photographers will be available on that date.

Forums and social networks are a good source of the recommendations and reviews, especially when you already have some photographers in mind. Look for clients of those photographers and see what they tell about the work. You can also ask your friends who had weddings in the past couple of years about the photographers they had and even have a look at their albums.

Now, when you've got a list of the photographers you like, start narrowing down your options. Eliminate all candidates who you can't afford and who don't meet your specific needs. Considering your budget, beware of cheap photographers. The work of photographer isn't only shooting, it's also about edition. Run away from photographers who claim they don't edit their pictures!

You can't choose the right photographer, if you don't interview several candidates. So make sure that you meet the photographers whose pictures you like most of all.

Choose a photographer by their ability to perform different settings and environments. It's very important, if you want to have a beach wedding, or sunset wedding. Ask the candidates if they've already had such experience and ask them to show you their works. Not only pictures, that are presented on their websites. These are only the best pictures, and you need to see a whole story. Ask to look at least at two complete albums of the weddings, that are alike to yours.

Beware of photographers who show only common photos, like a bride and a groom, running or jumping in the air bridesmaids. These photographers can't tell you the story of your wedding. You know that wedding isn't only about the bride and groom and their bridesmaids and ushers. It's more about the families and the way they blend together.

Ask photographers how they work. Some photographers drag a couple around ah hour or two before and after the ceremony. Tired people never show realistic expression of happiness on their face.

Inquire about the postproduction details. It usually takes at least a month to get the pictures done. It's a long process, because photographer needs to edit the pictures. Ask the photographer you want to choose, how many pictures you will get. The more pictures, the less edition they will get, and the less chances that you will like those pictures. It's better opt for 50-100 really good pictures, than for 400 that you don't like at all. By the way, you can always order some more pictures from your wedding, if you want to.



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