How to Tell Guests What to Wear to Your Wedding

How to Tell Guests What to Wear to Your WeddingWedding dress code is always a great problem for the bride and groom. You plan something special, like a picnic or a wedding ceremony on a sailboat, a walk in the wilderness etc, and you need to tell the guests what to wear to your wedding. How can you do it and be polite?

There are many ways to tell your guests what they should wear. You do it not just because you want to keep the formal (semi formal or casual) look of your wedding, of course we never forget, that people have different view of what is an appropriate outfit for a wedding ceremony. You do it because you think about your guests and want to feel them comfortable. Or you are really concerned about the style of your wedding. Whatever the reason, you have to find the way out of the problem.

If you want to make sure that your guests choose appropriate outfits, then give them the palette to choose the right color. Well, sounds and looks very bold, but it's an effective solution of your problem. And by the way, the guests won't have to think a lot about their outfit. They need to choose the right color, that's all.

Well, we understand that you don't want to be bold. You just need to encourage guests to wear the clothes that will be suitable for your wedding ceremony and party. For instance, you know that the wedding ceremony will be on the lawn, where the pumps are not the best shoes to be worn. Or you're going to marry on the sailboat, and it might be cold there. Include some details about your ceremony and the plans to your wedding invitation, and guests will be able to figure out what to wear.

Words are great, but pictures may tell more. Provide guests with additional information about the desirable outfit. For instance, using Pinterest you can choose a number of pics that will be a great illustration of the perfect clothes for the ceremony. Select some “wear this” and “not this” to make sure that your guests get the idea.

Do you have a wedding website? If yes, then post information about the desirable guest's outfit in FAQs. Formal invitation doesn't give you much room for information, and it requires keeping to a special style. And FAQs is the perfect place for you to be creative. Here you can write to your guests what to wear in any form you'd like to.

Emergency Situations

Yes, you do your best to let the guests know what to wear, but some of them won't listen to your advice. Think about the emergency situation and the way out. For instance, if you plan a wedding on a lawn, then buy several pairs of cheap flip-flops. The guests will take them off after the ceremony, and it's much better then walking barefoot or in high heels on the lawn.



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