How to Introduce Your Friends to Each Other in a Better Way

How to Introduce Your Friends to Each Other in a Better WayYou have lots of friends, whom you want to invite to a party you host, but some people don't know each other. Or, may be, you've met an awesome person and you'd like to introduce them to your friends. We're going to tell you, how to introduce your friends to each other, and do it in a better way.

There are two points of view concerning the introduction of friends to each other. Some say that all friends should be blended together, because the more is the merrier. And others think, that having several separate circles of friends is better. It's may be caused by the previous negative experience, when the introduced friends become BFF, while the person who organized their introduction became excluded. There's also another reason, for instance, some friends don't get well along with others, that's why they are kept separated.

Whatever your own point about the introduction of friends to each other, once you have to deal with it. And there are some socially acceptable rules, that you have to follow. You will find them useful even in case if it's not your first introduction.

First of all tell each other their names. And let your friends shake the hands, but don't force it, otherwise they will feel not very comfortable. That's usually where most of us stop and let the things go their own way. But, unfortunately, your friends might not find common language at all, to your disappointment.

You have to help your friends get over the feeling of being uncomfortable with each other. How can you do it? Well, try to tell more about everyone of your friends, than mere “Jenny, this is Lisa, the hairdresser”. There's no information at all for people to talk, except of work. Think of the other kind of introduction, showing that this is a very important person you know. For instance, “Jenny, this is Lisa, the person who helped me fix my wedding hair, when it was a mess”, or “the person who helped me move in when I knew nobody in this city”. And use such kind of introduction for each of your friend. This way your friends will feel special and at the same time you remind them, that they are loved beyond and before their titles. Moreover, your friends get new topics for conversation.

Make sure that your friends have something to talk about, and if their conversation doesn't go very well, then suggest something to do together. For instance, you can play a game, that everyone would love. If you know that your friends have the same interests, you can use it as an advantage.

Laughter makes the atmosphere less tense, that's why tell a joke. You can also tell both of your friends your funny experience, that doesn't involve none of your friends. It's great if your friends are willing to share their own funny stories.

These are general rules. And you, as the initiator, should keep an eye that no one feels excluded or bored. Since many first conversations of people who meet each other begin and end with who's got the most interesting job in the room, try to avoid such topics. Your friends should know that they are loved not for what they do, but for what they mean to you.



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