How to Plan a Mini-Moon

How to Plan a Mini-MoonHoneymoon is actually what you deserve and need after the months of planning. But some couples can't afford a two-week honeymoon, as it should be, that's why they go on a mini-moon. It provides the same as a usual honeymoon, but in a shorter period of time. Our tips on how to plan a mini-moon will help you have the rest you do deserve and need.

Why do mini-moons become so popular? There are lots of reasons for that. Some couples have to come back to work or just don't have money for a real honeymoon. However, in most cases mini-moon precedes the real honeymoon that's planned half a year after the wedding. And now, when you're tired after the wedding day, you deserve some rest and unwinding during a short vacation.

Choose the destination correctly. Mini-moon is actually a honeymoon, but it's much shorter. It usually lasts 3-4 days and since you don't want to lose the precious time for long air flights or car rides, choose the destinations that are close to you. You will be surprised how many interesting places you can visit. However, make sure that you and your spouse like the place where you are going. Although it's a short trip, it doesn't mean that you don't have no options at all.

Live in a hotel. In case you can't go away from the city or you don't find anything special that is near you, then you can try living in a luxurious hotel in your city. You will live in a comfortable and romantic room, won't have to think about cooking and cleaning. So pamper yourself a bit and try this option.

In case you don't find anything special in your city or town, then you can try the other one. Remember, that booking a flight and a hotel together is usually cheaper then doing it separately.

Stay at home. If you're really short of money, then you can organize your mini-moon and never leave your house. But make sure that you don't spend all four days of your mini-moon at home. Play tourist for a few days: visit restaurants, historic sites, museums and do things you and your spouse never have done before. You can also spend a day in a spa and end it in a fashionable restaurant you've always dreamed to visit.

Call it a honeymoon. Don't say that you're on a mini-moon, you're actually on a honeymoon. Many restaurants and hotels give newlyweds on honeymoon special treatment (even if it's a free glass of champagne, you will find it adorable). It's your special time and make sure that everyone around you knows about it.

Turn off the phones. You don't have a lot of time on a mini-moon, so don't lose it for call phones or email. Turn off the devices and treat your mini-moon like a true vacation. Use these days to unwind, because it's what you really need after the exciting wedding day.



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