8 Rules for the Best Wedding Night

8 Rules for the Best Wedding NightAll your planning that lasted for months is over and finally you are married. Now you have the whole life to live together, as the wife and husband. But we're going to start small, from your wedding night. Yes, you can't wait for it, but are you sure that it will be unforgettable, in a good way, of course? Here are 8 rules for the best wedding night, that you'd better remember.

You even can't imagine how much "horror" stories there are about disastrous wedding nights. One of the spouses gets drunk, or so much tired that falls asleep before the most interesting part of the night begins. Taking off extended hair, fake eyelashes falling off (and your spouse has no idea that you have them) and stripping your enormous dress away may kill the mood. Well, these are based on real stories of brides, whose wedding night wasn't as great as they'd like it to be. So here we come to Rule #1 and it's...

#1 Get some rest. During the week before your wedding make sure that you have enough of rest. Yes, there are still many things to do and check, and recheck, but you have to sleep enough. The wedding day will be tiresome, especially if your ceremony is scheduled at sunrise. You just won't be able to survive the whole day and then enjoy your wedding night with your spouse.

#2 Delay the honeymoon. Going on honeymoon is great, but it's not very sexy to wake up early in the next morning, check the packed luggage and drive to the airport. If you can, delay your honeymoon for a day. Your mood won't be killed by the thoughts that you have to wake up early and check everything for the trip.

#3 Don't drink to much. Alcohol and wedding go hand in hand, and while some wine can increase your libido, be careful. You might get drunk, and that's not very sexy.

#4 A bit of decoration. The room that you will share with your spouse has to have the right ambiance. Indulge in romantic cliches and don't be afraid to overwhelm. Burning candles, rose petals leading from the door to the bed, champagne, floral arrangements... Everything should be there.

#5 Have some food. The bride and groom usually don't eat a lot during wedding. While guests indulge in all that delicious food, the bride and groom greet friends, dance, make photos. It turns out that they are starving to death in the night. So make sure that you have some snacks in your room to share with your spouse. If you're going to spend this night in a hotel, many of them provide newlyweds with special bags. If no, then buy beforehand some sandwiches and chocolate covered strawberry.

#6 Wear sexy lingerie. Brides usually get some sexy lingerie for bachelorette parties, and now it's the best time to wear it. If you don't find it very comfortable to wear it all day long, then you can prepare it only for the night. Men are recommended to wear a silky boxer for this night. It goes without saying that your lingerie should be clean and without holes.

#7 Give the key to your spouse. This is a good rule to remember, if you're spending the wedding night in a hotel. You might fall asleep, while waiting for your spouse to come, and won't hear them knocking. Don't make your spouse spend an hour persuading the guy at the front desk to let them in into your room.

#8 You don't have to have sex. Don't think that wedding night is for sex only. No matter how much you're trying to have some rest during the week before wedding, you might be too tired for sex. You don't have to be ashamed, if nothing will happen on that night. It's only up to you how you spend this night, whether it's sleeping, hugging each other, watching a movie and eating pop corn or unpacking the presents.



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