Groom's Attire Guidelines for a Rehearsal Dinner

Groom's Attire Guidelines for a Rehearsal DinnerRehearsal dinner is a traditional dinner concluding the wedding rehearsal. It's a great time to relax after a hard day and spend time with people you love. Although it's an embedded wedding tradition, many grooms forget about preparation of the appropriate attire or think that it's not so important. And then comes a disaster! Our groom's attire guidelines for a rehearsal dinner will help you find the right outfit for this event.

Groom's attire for the rehearsal dinner totally depends on the style of the event. It can be formal, semi-formal or informal, and the style of the dinner influences the choice of the outfit.

For formal events, that usually take place in restaurant, it's better to choose a suit. The groom can make his attire a bit personalized, by adding a spiffy tie or cufflinks. Semi-formal dinners don't require wearing suit, that's why a shirt, slacks and dress shoes will suffice. Wearing a tie is a personal choice, we would recommend it to make the attire a little neater. Informal rehearsal dinners, that are mostly held in the backyards, like family dinner or a BBQ party, require any casual clothes, for instance, a polo paired with khakis is a good choice.

While choosing the right attire for the rehearsal dinner, try to stay away from jeans. They are acceptable only if they are very good-looking and if you have an informal event. By the way, there should be no holes in your jeans, no matter how trendy they look.

Now let's get to the shoes. Dress shoes or loafers are great. Definitely don't wear running shoes and flip-flops. Yes, they are very comfortable, but it's not that kind of event!

Groom's attire should match to bride's dress. The two of you have to look your best, that's why feel free to ask the bride what she would recommend you to wear. It's great if her opinion coincides with yours. And if you're still not sure about the attire, then ask your parents. Rehearsal dinner is hosted by groom's family, they know the style of the event and will provide the best guidelines for the perfect attire for the event.

Now let's answer the last question: should you buy new clothes for the rehearsal dinner or wear your old clothes? In fact, it totally depends on you and whether you have something appropriate for the event. If you don't have anything, then you can go shopping. And since men are not great shoppers, bring the bride for the second opinion or don't be shy to ask salespeople for advice. And if you want to wear something that is already in your closet, then make sure it doesn't need any alterations or cleaning.



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