9 Signs That You're a Perfectionist

9 Signs That You're a PerfectionistMillions of people are affected by perfectionism, a new kind of disease. It goes hand in hand with many anxiety disorders and it's characterized by a number of different signs, and some of them you might find familiar to you. Here are 9 signs that will tell you you're a perfectionist.

#1 You want to control everything. No matter where you work, you always take charge of everything that is going on or is being organized. You are responsible for everything, because no one can make anything it better then you. We don't tell that you don't trust other people, it's just you trust yourself more. And you know that you are able to get it all done perfectly.

#2 You're not satisfied. Whatever you do, it seems that you don't try hard enough, or things can be done better, well, perfect. You constantly add something till the result is no longer what you've expected or intended to be.

#3 Little things bug you. Trifles, that many people even wouldn't notice, bug you. Mispronounced word, never getting the last muffin in the lunch time, or a pencil that needs to be sharped. These little things don't let you go, and they cause random memory flashbacks to times, when you've messed up or didn't do as well as you could.

#4 You constantly think about a mistake you've made. Everyone makes mistakes and they are here to teach us. But you usually don't make mistakes at all, because you're perfect. However, sometimes even they occur and you can't get over them. You keep coming back to them.

#5 You find faults. You are that person who always finds faults at what other people do. And when you do, you correct them, just because everything should be perfect.

#6 There's only white and black, no grey. You have only absolute ideals and you think in all-or-nothing terms. Everything in your world is either black or white, no grey color. The same concerns you, you either have all, or nothing.

#7 You have strict rules for you and for others. Rules are important for the life in society, but they don't have to be strict. You know how you and others should act, don't you? For instance, you cook dinner, now your partner should do the dishes. Or you should be more successful. Falling within the rules, whether it's you or someone else, makes you feel angry, ashamed, disappointed or guilty.

#8 You have high standards. You rate yourself and your achievements by high standards, and you always have so many things to be achieved and so little things that have been done. What's worse, your standards are constantly increasing.

#9 You have no time for yourself. You're always working to meet other people's needs and expectations. You don't have time to sleep and eat, because you haven't finished the important work. You believe that you will have some rest only when you have your responsibilities finished, but it never happens.



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