Bridal Attire Guidelines: What to Wear to a Rehearsal Dinner

Bridal Attire Guidelines: What to Wear to a Rehearsal DinnerYour wedding dress is the most important for your special day. You want the dress to be perfect. And after so many choices you can't make the last one, that regards your rehearsal dinner dress. Don't worry, our bridal attire guidelines will help you choose what to wear to a rehearsal dinner.

Regarding wedding gowns, it's hard to express your own style. You're limited to many things, but when we talk about rehearsal dress, the sky is the limit. You may choose whatever you want to: strapless or backless, trendy or conservative, tea- or knee-length and even chic pants.

The choice of your outfit totally depends on the style of the rehearsal dinner. Will it be an elegant soiree or a backyard BBQ party? Where will it take place? Who will attend your rehearsal dinner? Only this information can help you choose the right dress. For instance, choose capri pants for the BBQ and cocktail dress for the ball.

There is no need to choose a dress that will look like a simplified version of your wedding gown. In fact, you can choose a dress that is totally different from your wedding dress. For instance, if you have a long-sleeved and a high neckline wedding gown, then let your rehearsal dress be more revealing. However, don't make it too sexy, you never want anyone of your relatives look into your cleavage.

Stay away from trendy outfits. Some outfits perfectly reflect modern trends, and when you look at the rehearsal dinner picture in ten years, you will laugh at your ridiculous choice. Choose dresses with a classic and flattering silhouette and avoid crazy patterns.

Choose the right color. Black is definitely not the color you should choose for your rehearsal dress. However, if you think that you will feel the most comfortable in a black dress, then go for it. And don't forget to include accessories that will make you shine. Choosing white, off-white or ivory, the colors that you're wearing the next day, is also not a great idea. But remember, that you're a bride, and if these are the colors you need, then choose them. If you're not impressed by any other color, then pick up any from your reception palette.

One more important thing to remember is that your rehearsal dress should fit you comfortably and tastefully. You need comfortable shoes and proper lingerie for your style. Rehearsal dinner is usually a relaxed event, and you also have to feel this way. And if you see that you don't like something in the dress you've chosen, then leave it. Or make sure that you have plenty of time for alterations, if they are necessary.



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