Wedding Budget: Who Pays for What?

Wedding Budget: Who Pays for What?According to the old tradition, bride's family is paying for the whole wedding. This tradition stems from the times when parents had to include a dowry in order to make the bride more attractive to men. Since the bride wouldn't work anymore, the dowry was the only chance the daughter would get married. Well, today many couples split the costs evenly and everyone knows who pays for what in a wedding.

There are many expenses for the wedding: floral decoration, bouquets, ceremony, attires, gifts, rings, food, photo and video. Don't forget to include honeymoon and parties, like engagement, bachelor and rehearsal dinner. All the expenses may be divided evenly between the bride and groom, and even shared with their parents.

Now let's see who pays for what in a wedding. We will begin with the bridal expenses. Bride and her family usually pay for such things:

  • invitations, announcements and wedding programs
  • engagement party (in case there is more then one party, then groom's family also pays)
  • wedding dress, veil, accessories and trousseau
  • wedding planner
  • vendors
  • reception
  • ceremony
  • attire of the family
  • floral decorations for church, reception, bouquets and corsages for bridesmaids
  • flower gifts
  • photos and video
  • gifts for the couple

These expenses bride can share with her family or only her family pays for them. However, bride should pay herself for:

  • groom's ring
  • gifts for bridesmaids
  • bridal party luncheon
  • wedding gift for groom
  • transportation of her party to wedding

Groom and his family pay for the following things:

  • rehearsal dinner
  • attire of the family
  • gifts for the couple

You may think that it's not fair, since groom's family has less expenses. Wait a minute and let's see what groom usually pays for:

  • bachelors' dinner
  • bride's engagement and wedding ring
  • wedding gift for bride
  • marriage license
  • gifts for groomsmen
  • honeymoon
  • officiant's fee
  • wedding attire
  • boutonnieres for groomsmen and his male relatives
  • bridal bouquets
  • corsages for female relatives, including in-laws
  • transportation of his party to the family

Organization of the prewedding parties also needs some money, but this time best man and maid of honor also share the expenses. For instance, maid of honor and bridesmaids host shower, and best man and ushers host bachelor party. Friends of the couple may additionally want to throw engagement parties or showers, and they pay for them.

This is the most common way for sharing the expenses of the wedding. However, many families try to find their own way to participate. For instance, in some cases groom's family pays for the alcohol or all floral expenses. No matter what way is the best for you, make sure that every party is comfortable with its contribution to the wedding.



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