6 Signs Your Boyfriend Is About to Propose

6 Signs Your Boyfriend Is About to ProposeYou've been dating for a long time and now you're eagerly waiting to hear the words of proposal from your boyfriend. Well, right now you can find out whether it will happen or not. Here are 6 signs that your boyfriend is about to propose.

Proposal is a very important action for every man, that's why it requires a long preparation. During this time your man will act really strange, but you don't notice it or pay any attention. The most suspicious might think about a crack in the relations, but, in fact, it turns out to be a proposal. Don't get into a bad mood and watch for these simple signs of proposal.

#1 He snoops around your jewelry box. Your boyfriend has never been interested in your jewelry, but now it seems to be another way round. He occasionally remarks, that you've got nice earrings, or notices the color of your jewelry. One day you might find out that one of your rings is missing.

By the way, some men ask their relatives-to-be to help them about the proposal. They might ask members of your family to find out the size of your ring. If you've got a smaller sister and now she seems to be very interested in your jewelry, that's definitely the sign!

#2 He is interested in your family. Did you boyfriend start spending more time with your family? Or is he constantly asking you some questions regarding your family? It may be a sign, that your boyfriend wants to propose. The thing is that he wants to get closer to your family and make sure that they love him, or at least don't mind your marriage.

#3 He starts saving money. Engagement ring is surely not very cheap, and your boyfriend might start acting like Ebenezer Scrooge, when it comes to everyday luxuries. Well, don't be upset with it, because a new ring with a diamond might be waiting for you!

#4 He acts weird. It may seem to you that proposal is not a big deal, but think, how your boyfriend feels. He's surely made some plans and waits till the right day to say the sacred words. And till that time he's panicked, nervous, sweaty and tells you how much he loves you in hope to hear the same. Did he ask you about commitment and stability? Well, it's one more sign that he will propose soon.

#5 He talks about a surprise. Proposal is going to be a surprise to you, but you boyfriend might not want to shock you (no matter how long you are together, every man is afraid of the answer “No”), that's why he gives you little hints about his plans. So, if he is very excited about the date and constantly talks about the surprise, he might be planning a proposal.

#6 He arranges a special date in advance. Proposal is always very romantic, that's why everything should be done the right way. He chooses some special place and time, usually it's significant to the two of you and around sunset.

These are classic signs that your boyfriend is going to propose. Don't be angry with your man, if you notice his strange behavior. You know what to look for and you can use these signs to your advantage.



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