How Can You Handle Uninterested Grandparents?

How Can You Handle Uninterested Grandparents?Having grandchildren is so fun, you think, but your parents think the other way. They don't want to be bothered, while you expected them to be happy to help you with your kids, read them stories before they go to bed or give them a bath. How come that parents, who raised you and your siblings in love, don't want to see their grandchildren? And how can you handle uninterested grandparents?

You're not alone who faces the same problem. No matter where your parents live, in the same town or have to come from another state, they seem not to be interested in children you have and never reply your invitation to your children's birthday parties, never give them presents. Whenever they come to see you, they spend time with your only and wait for some kind of entertainment. They don't help you and never ask you if they could do anything. It's an awkward situation, but you can handle it.

Talk to your parents and tell them, what they are missing. Children know who cares for them and who doesn't, and while it's not too late grandparents can become a part of their live. After the talk invite your parents to a family dinner, and it will be great if they take the initiative.

Ask your parents to babysit. May be you've already done it before but got a negative reply. It shouldn't stop you, you can try once again. May be your parents were busy at that time and just couldn't help you. But since you're not asking any more, they don't offer their help.

Very often grandparents look uninterested in their grandchildren just because they don't want to interfere into your family relations. They let you and your partner raise your children and don't want to give you advice. Everyone gets used to this situation and unhappy with it, but isn't going to change anything. Making the first step is always the hardest thing.

Try to incorporate your grandparents into the life of your children. It can be done only in case when your father or mother has the same interest with your child. One hobby makes people closer to each other.

Don't forget that your parents may also act childish because of things they don't like in your own family. For instance, your mother doesn't like the name you gave to your child. Or your parents so much miss you that whenever you come to visit them with your family or vice versa, they spend time with you only. It's common for many families with one child, where parents dedicated all their life and love to him or her only. They hardly can accept the fact that their child is grownup, doesn't need their care, but has to care for his or her own children.

Relations of grandparents and grandchildren totally depend on what your mom and dad were when you were a child. If your parents treated you in a crappy way, then don't expect them to change their relation to your children.

Finally, if you can't accept the fact that your own parents don't want to be grandparents at all, then find another old family, who would like to adopt this role. There are many lonely people want to be a part of a family. They would be happy to play with your children and share the moments of happiness with them.



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