How to Deal With Your Sister-in-Law From Hell

How to Deal With Your Sister-in-Law From HellOnce you and your sister-in-law were best friends, but time has changed and now she hates you. Every family dinner is turned into a disaster due to your sister-in-law's poisonous tongue. She teaches you how to live, what to wear, how to iron clothes for your husband (who is her brother), look after your children... And every time you see her, you lose you appetite for a week. We give you several tips on how to deal with your sister-in-law from hell.

It's very hard to find the real reason why you sister-in-law is so rude to you, but you have to try. If the whole family suffers the behavior of this woman, even before you became relatives with her, may be it's just inborn and here you can't do anything at all. Just try to avoid contacting this person, think about your mental health and don't let her poison your life and relations with your husband.

However, her attitude to you could have been changed due to jealousy. It's a very strong feeling that makes people crazy. Think what you have that your sister-in-law doesn't. Are you more successful? Are your children better then hers? Are you slimmer and more beautiful? Do you have better relations with your husband than she does with hers? Is your house bigger and cars are more expensive? There are plenty of reasons and we can't name all of them, however, the problem is clear. This person hates you because you've achieved something while she couldn't.

Don't waist your time on talking to your sister-in-law law about the way why she acts like this. Only her relatives by blood can do something, so that's where you have to begin. Ask your husband to talk with his father and find the way out of this situation.

Never let the talks for your sister-in-law spoil your mood. Don't listen to her when she starts teaching you how to live your life etc. Try to avoid such conversations, and the tips on how to deal with annoying relatives can help you.

What should you do if nothing works? Then just keep distance from your sister-in-law. Avoid coming to her (we think, that you really don't like it and she never comes to see you at your place). If you have to stay in one room with this woman, then make sure that you have something in between two of you. Any object will make you feel safer and she won't be able directly invade your personal space.

Remember, that your sister-in-law directs her negative energy to you, that's why never face her when she talks to you. By the way, therapists know this trick that's why they never look into face of their patients, when they want to unload something negative on them.

In case you were not able to avoid arguing with your sister-in-law, then back at home take a bath with a pound of sea salt and essential oils. Use some sedative scents, like lavender, and in 20 minutes you will be alright.



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