What to Do If Your Mom Hates Your Boyfriend?

What to Do If Your Mom Hates Your Boyfriend?Your happy relations with your boyfriend are smeared by the fact, that you mom hates him. There can be plenty of reasons for this, but the outcome is always the same. Your life seems to be ruined because you're very close to your mother and can't leave your boyfriend for good. What can you do if your mom hates your boyfriend?

You're not alone, who faces this problem. It's so common for teenagers as well as for people above the age of 21. Family disapproval is going to break your relations and you feel like you can't do anything. You only stand and watch what will happen next. However, you should already take some actions and choose what you really need.

First of all you have to understand, what made your mom hate your boyfriend. It's not the obvious reason, like "he failed to graduate university, thus he's not a good match for my daughter". The reason lies deeper. Your mother wants to protect you and wishes you only the best. Admit this fact and think, may be she's right about your relations.

Talk to your mother and honestly express all pain you feel. Ask her, why doesn't she approve your relations. May be your mother doesn't have some information about your boyfriend and after this conversation she will change her mind.

Talk to your boyfriend's parents. Adults usually are much better at solving relationship problems. Use your chance to talk to your boyfriend's parents, may be they can handle this situation. You never know what can happen, but at least you've tried!

In case your boyfriend doesn't know that your mom hates him, talk to your partner about it. Tell him, what she finds bad about him and ask if there is a way out of the problem. If your boyfriend is a real man, he will try to talk to your mother and ease the situation.

However, numerous conversations may not help, because your mom stands firm. She has a vision of an ideal boyfriend for you, and your current match doesn't correspond to her vision. The longer this confrontation between you and your mom lasts, the worse it will be. At this situation family therapy is recommended, and if your parents are interested in this pass, then suggest it.

In case nothing helps, that is also possible, you have to take one final decision, before your have a nervous breakdown. If you're old enough and can leave your family and live with your boyfriend, then it's the only thing that will save your love. But keep in mind, that this will ruin your relations with your family. For now you depend on your family too much and you're overly influenced by your mother. Break this influence and start living your own life, where only you responsible for your actions and let your boyfriend take care of you.

Your relationship with mother won't be destroyed forever. She will need some time to forgive you for this step and accept your choice. When she will see you happy (even if it happens in 5 or 10 years), she will understand that she wasn't right. You're her daughter and she just can't help loving you.

If you can't leave your family and be with your boyfriend, you may choose to quit these relations. Your mom will be happy and one day you will find another guy, who, may be, will be right for you. However, you will never forgive your mother, that she became the reason of the end of your relations. And there's also a chance, that your next boyfriend will also fall into disgrace.

Whatever you choose, remember, that it's your life and you choose how to live it. You mother wishes you all the best what she would like to have herself. Your vision of happiness doesn't have to correspond with your mother's vision of happiness, and this is the main problem, that you mother doesn't understand. She's trying to make you live your life the way to make her happy. But when she recognizes her mistakes, it may be too late for you.



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