Why Are You Unlucky in Love

Why Are You Unlucky in LoveThe question “Why are you unlucky in love?” is urgent for many people who can't find their soul mates. When you are alone for a long time, bad thoughts strike your head. Let's dwell upon the reasons of unlucky private life.

Not everyone can boast of their happy private life. Sometimes even people who are in love can not affirm that they are happy, but at least they are in relationship and have beloved ones. You pretend that you don't care and don't wait for love. You even learned mocking this situation. But love doesn't come. So, what are the reasons for it?

Reason 1: unlucky previous relationship

This is the most common reason for the private life standstill. Painful breakup in the past has an effect on further relationship. He or she becomes more careful, distrustful and completely escapes an amorous world.

Lonely people do not understand that love does not always come in a moment. Very often a real strong feeling arises out of a passing sympathy.

Let your previous fails go and you will see that if you keep your heart open, you will surely find your love.

Reason 2: stereotypes

Stereotypes are very dangerous, because sometimes they can subordinate a person completely. For instance, a man left his wife and daughter. The wife was convincing her daughter that all the men are bad. This girl has learnt the lesson and doesn't trust men, looking for their drawbacks and trying to find exception to the rule. But unfortunately there is no exception as there is no rule. You have to get rid of the stereotypes and not to look for a perfect person, because actually love is not perfect.

There is another example. In a high school a man was in love with a girl. Teen-age relationship has been over, but the memory of a perfect beloved is still in his heart. Thus this man has his perfect type of a woman. She must be a blue-eyed blond. All other women looking differently are not right. Maybe the example is exaggerated, but its main point is the following: do not look for a beloved according to set patterns, because you don't even suspect how your happiness looks like.

Reason 3: unsolved problems

The followers of Positive psychology claim that all the spheres of human life are correlated. That's why the unsolved problems influence your private life negatively.

The problems that oppress people are the following:

  • dissatisfaction with appearance
  • dissatisfaction with the conditions of life
  • unrealized career goals
  • resentment towards relatives, friends and men
  • different fears (the fear of future, loneliness, making mistakes)

You will open yourself to a new destiny and love only when you leave behind all the oppressive problems. Do not wait until you have a beloved one to take up sports, to change work or to move to another city. Start changing your life by yourself. Maybe your love will wait for you in a new life.