5 Situations When You Should Definitely Ditch Makeup

5 Situations When You Should Definitely Ditch MakeupDeciding to wear or not to wear makeup is the choice every woman makes for herself. Wearing makeup everyday or not wearing it at all, as well as any other option in between, is totally OK as long as you’re happy with your choice. However, there are situations when even the most devoted makeup lovers should give their skin a break, because wearing makeup won’t do it any good. Here are a few examples.

Situation #1: After a Cosmetic Treatment

Certain cosmetic treatments, such as micro-needling, laser hair removal or strong chemical peels, leave the skin sensitive and vulnerable. Its natural barrier needs time to rebuild itself, and you should give your skin time to heal before applying any sort of makeup. This can take from 48 hours to several days, depending on the treatment you’ve undergone. Your beautician will tell you in detail how to take care of your skin post-procedure, but we’re 100% sure that their advice will include ditching makeup for a while.

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Situation #2: During a Workout

When you’re working out or playing sports, you sweat a lot. Besides, exercise increases the blood flow to your face, making your pores open up. As a result, sweat mixes with makeup and sebum on your skin, clogging your pores and causing a dull complexion and breakouts. You also don’t want to leave makeup smudges on a yoga mat that someone will use after you, do you? So, make sure to remove makeup before exercising to let your skin breathe. You can reapply it once you’ve done with your workout (but don’t forget to wash your face first!).

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Situation #3: At a Swimming Pool or the Beach

The fact that waterproof makeup exists doesn’t mean that you should wear it when you’re going to swim. Waterproof products were created to keep your makeup from getting ruined by sweat or tears, but they are not designed to interact with salt or chlorinated water. When you’re chilling out at the beach or poolside, let your skin chill out, too. The only product you do need to apply in this situation is sunscreen.

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Situation #4: When Your Skin Breaks Out

Breakouts can happen to anyone, regardless of age and skin type. Some people use makeup to conceal acne, but it can actually make things worse by clogging pores and causing new blackheads and pimples to appear. Besides, acne treatments with salicylic acid or retinoids make the skin more sensitive, so makeup may cause irritation. If you absolutely cannot do without makeup, opt for loose mineral powder with SPF instead of your regular foundation.

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Situation #5: When You’re Sleeping

One of the most important skincare rules says, “Never go to bed with your makeup on”. While you’re sleeping, your skin regenerates, meaning that it sheds dead skin cells and replaces its upper layer with new ones, as well as produces collagen, a protein responsible for the skin’s firmness and elasticity. Makeup doesn’t let your skin “breathe” and hinders its regeneration and renewal. That’s why you should always remove makeup before you go to bed. Even if you’re staying over at someone else’s place, you should have makeup remover wipes handy to prepare your skin for beauty sleep.

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