How to Make Your Skin Look Glowing After a Night Out

How to Make Your Skin Look Glowing After a Night OutHangovers don’t just induce nausea and headache, they also give you dark circles under the eyes and make your skin look dull, blotchy and puffy. If you need to make yourself look presentable after a night out, here are several tips that will make your skin look healthy and glowing without tons of makeup.

First thing to remember is that hangovers don’t last forever. Yes, you’re feeling awful right now, but this is just your body telling you that you need to detox, hydrate and replace the nutrients you’ve lost. Even though you’re not feeling the best, you can put some effort into making yourself look like you haven’t been drinking. Here are the ways to revitalize your skin after a night out.

Drink Lots of Water

The main reason your skin looks terrible after a night out is dehydration. Drinking lots of water will help get rid of any lingering alcohol and toxins while simultaneously hydrating your skin from the inside. You can infuse your water with strawberry, lemon, orange or other fruit that contain vitamins and antioxidants for a better effect.

Take Care of Those Puffy Eyes

There are so many ways to relieve puffy eyes and remove dark circles that we’ve dedicated an entire article to them. Here’s the gist of it: you can use sliced cucumber, teabags, cotton balls soaked in chilled milk, an ice pack or a bag of frozen vegetables, or two chilled spoons to relieve puffy eyes and reduce the appearance of dark circles.

By the way, you don’t have to resort to DIY remedies if you have an eye cream or serum at hand. If you have time, put the cream in the freezer for about 15 minutes beforehand to maximize its effect. And if you eyes are bloodshot after a night of drinking, over-the-counter eye drops should help.


Although hydration is important, simply drinking water won’t instantly make your skin look better so you’ll need a moisturizer to help it out. First of all, remove any makeup residue you have on your face (chances are, you’ve fallen asleep with your makeup on). Then, apply a moisturizer of your choice. We recommend that you use a rich, creamy moisturizer or even a carrier oil such as coconut oil, grape seed oil, or jojoba oil.

Try a Serum or Mask

If things are really bad, try applying a face serum that’s rich in vitamins (you need vitamin C and vitamin E because they have antioxidant and revitalizing properties). It will quickly replenish and tighten the skin. A hydrating and nourishing facial mask is another option. Some beauty brands actually produce special “hangover masks” that are designed to combat the results of a night out. The best ones focus on intense hydration and contain soothing ingredients like chamomile extract.

Makeup Won’t Hurt

You don’t have to use a lot of makeup to look good, but it won’t hurt to apply some concealer and bronzer. Orange-toned concealer is perfect for concealing blue and purple circles under the eyes, while bronzer will recover the glow your skin has lost because of all the toxins. If you’re not a big fan of makeup, try tinted moisturizer. This is a 2-in-1 product that keeps the skin hydrated and conceals minor imperfections, making the skin look healthy and glowing.

Don’t Forget the Sunscreen

Ultraviolet radiation may aggravate the damage already caused by alcohol and dehydration. So even if you think that your skin already looks well, take a minute before facing the world and make sure that your skin is protected from the sun.

...And the Lip Balm

If you’ve spend the night partying like there’s no tomorrow, the chances are your lips are dehydrated right now. To make them smooth and supple, exfoliate your lips with a DIY scrub (cane sugar + olive oil) or a soft toothbrush, then coat them with protective lip balm.





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