7 Tips for Your Pre and Post Workout Skincare Routine

7 Tips for Your Pre and Post Workout Skincare RoutineRegular workouts are important to keep you healthy but they can also be bad for your skin. When you sweat in the gym, your sweat mixes with dirt, skin oils and makeup residue, which can lead to clogged pores, which can lead to breakouts. That’s why it’s so important to prep your skin before a workout and take care of it after. Here are some tips for your pre and post workout skincare routine.


Most women remember to cleanse their skin after working out but forget that cleansing and removing makeup before hitting the gym is just as important. If you don’t have time for a proper makeup removal routine, throw a bottle of micellar water or another no-rinse makeup remover (along with some cotton pads) into your gym bag, so that you can get your skin squeaky clean before working out and thus prevent clogged pores and breakouts.

Apply Sunscreen Before Outdoor Workouts

If you’re a fan of jogging, outdoor yoga, or other fitness activities in the fresh air, you should never forget to apply sunscreen before working out because UV radiation affects your skin even on cool, cloudy days. Keep in mind that thick, oily sunscreen will clog your pores, so opt for a lightweight formula with SPF 30 or higher. It’s also a good idea to protect your lips with a lip balm with SPF.

Keep Your Hands Off Your Face

During your workout session, try to touch your face as little as you can to prevent bacteria from the equipment you’ve touched from transferring to your skin and causing inflammation. If you need to wipe the sweat off your face, use blotting paper or clean towel to dry your skin off. And yes, you’ll need a clean towel for each workout session because the one you used yesterday is already packed with bacteria.

Cleanse Again

Once you’ve finished exercising, it is important to wash your face as soon as possible. Hit the shower, wash off the sweat, pat your skin dry (with a clean towel, not the one you’ve used during your workout), and finish with a gentle cleanser to remove whatever dirt may have been left on your skin, as well as restore your skin’s pH levels. If a shower isn’t possible, at least wipe your face with some antibacterial wipes and refresh your skin with a facial mist.

But Don’t Over-Cleanse

Post-workout skin is especially delicate and prone to micro-abrasions, so you should avoid harsh exfoliants or cleansers with high concentrations of salicylic acid. You don’t need to make your skin squeaky clean right now, the task of post-workout cleansing is to refresh your skin and prevent blackheads and breakouts.


Hydration is key to healthy skin. During a workout, your body loses a lot of water when you sweat, so it’s important to replenish moisture afterwards, both from the inside (by drinking lots of water) and from the outside. We suggest that you opt for a lightweight water-based moisturizer or serum that absorbs quickly and leaves your skin feeling hydrated but not greasy. You can apply a heavier moisturizer once you get home, if you need to. In the meantime, a lightweight formula will keep your skin hydrated while you’re on your way.

Avoid Makeup

Don’t reapply your makeup right away. You need to let your skin breathe and enjoy that natural post-workout glow. Just put on some lightweight sunscreen if you’re going outside and some tinted moisturizing lip balm if you can’t stand the idea of an absolutely make-up free face.





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