VeggieWorld is a series of vegan food and lifestyle festivals held in a number of cities across Europe. It is one of the largest and oldest events of its kind. The festival originated in Wiesbaden, Germany and has later expanded to other countries. Currently, VeggieWorld events are regularly held in Germany, France, Switzerland, Spain and the Netherlands.

VeggieWorld is so much more than just a food festival. It’s one of Europe’s largest vegan trade fairs aimed at introducing a wide audience to the vegan lifestyle. Here numerous exhibitors present a wide range of organic, sustainable and fairly traded products which can be used by vegans including vegan food, vegan cosmetics, vegan clothing, shoes and accessories, vegan household products, and more. All exhibitors featured in the festival offer high-quality products for all aspects of daily vegan life. You can be 100% sure that these products are free of animal ingredients and not tested on animals.

Of course, a large part of the exhibitor area is dedicated to vegan food. Numerous stalls offer raw fruit and vegetables, meat substitutes, superfoods (foods known for their pronounced health benefits), food supplements, vegan desserts, fresh juices and smoothies, health products, and more. Here you can find anything and everything for a healthy vegan diet.

As we’ve already mentioned, VeggieWorld events are held in a number of cities across Europe. The flagship event is VeggieWorld Berlin, it takes place in the capital of Germany every November. The festival is held at STATION-Berlin. It is one of the most extraordinary locations in Europe known for hosting premium lifestyle and consumer trade fairs. VeggieWorld Berlin supports the Heldenmarkt, a trade fair for sustainable products that attracts about 10,000 visitors every year.

Other cities that host their own VeggieWorld events include Barcelona (Spain), Düsseldorf (Germany), Hamburg (Germany), Hanover (Germany), Lyon (France), Munich (Germany), Paris (France), Rhein-Main (Germany), Utrecht (the Netherlands), and Zürich (Switzerland). VeggieWorld Paris is held twice a year, in April and in October. These events aren’t designed just for vegans. They welcome everyone interested in the vegan lifestyle, providing useful advise on going vegan.

To attend a VeggieWorld event, you need to buy a ticket. Admission fees vary depending on the country. Tickets are available online.


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