Tokyo VegeFood Festa

Tokyo VegeFood Festa
The Tokyo VegeFood Festa is annually celebrated in Tokyo in October. Experienced vegetarians and vegans, as well as those who’s just begun to follow the meat-free diet, will find this festival very interesting and entertaining.

The Tokyo VegeFood Festa is a big market, that annually takes place since 2006. It’s the place, where all vegetarians and vegans can find around one hundred shops and food stalls selling vegetarian food. However, there is a number of other different things that are sold at the market. If you’re interested in purchasing goods made of natural materials, like wooden souvenirs, cotton underwear, incense sticks, cosmetics, then you should visit this market. All goods that are sold here are organic and/or vegan.

But let’s talk about the food at the festival. If you want to try new meals cooked according to all rules of vegan diet (even without milk and eggs), you need to come to the market. Numerous food stalls offer various dishes containing rice, wheat, laminaria and beans, so don’t think that vegans eat only fruit and vegetables. By the way, did you know that many traditional dishes of the Japanese cuisine are actually vegan? Also here you can find gluten-free pastry, dishes with brown rice and organic sweets, that are offered by macrobiotic cafes. Raw food and organic vegetables are also sold here.

The main activities of the festival are surrounded around the food only, however, this event bears educational purpose. All visitors can learn more about the principles and benefits of being a vegan. Also there are lots of different cooking demonstrations, workshops and activities for children.

The festival runs during the two days from 10 am till 5 pm in Yoyogi Park in front of NHK Hall. And the locals know that Tokyo VegeFood Festa is the best place for the vegans to visit.

 Tokyo VegeFood Festa




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