VeganFest is the largest vegan festival in Italy and the entire Europe. It is held over four days every fall. The festival is always attended by several thousands of people who want to learn more about a healthy and animal-free diet, as well as to participate in making our world cruelty-free.

Veganism is the most extreme form of vegetarianism. It’s not about avoiding consuming meat, fish and other animal products, it’s also about avoiding using the products produced with the help of animals. For instance, most vegans don’t eat refined sugar and don’t drink wine, because the process of their purification requires the use of gelatin.

Italy annually hosts a vegan festival aiming at attracting more and more followers of the vegan diet and lifestyle. The festival attendees come from all over of Italy and other countries of Europe. Here everyone wants to be closer to the cruelty-free lifestyle. This festival will be really interesting for everyone who has just began following a vegan diet. They will find support in their decision and also find out lots of interesting information from more experienced vegans.

The program of the festival is rather simple, but very interesting. Italian stars come to the festival, but they don’t sing. They share personal stories based on their own vegan lifestyle. The world’s leading nutritionists read lectures on vegan diet and its health benefits. New books about vegan diet and lifestyle are also presented here. If you really want to try vegan products, you should buy them at a local exhibition. Also don’t forget to attend numerous cooking demonstrations showing how to cook simple and delicious vegan meals.

The entrance to the festival is not free, however, the price is rather symbolic.


Photo: Mariarosa Falco



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