Hong Kong Vegfest

Hong Kong Vegfest
Photo: vegfest.hk
There are hundreds of thousands followers of the vegetarian and vegan diet, and every one has their own reasons to exclude meat from their daily ration. People in Hong Kong also follow the world’s trends, that’s why the Hong Kong Vegfest is annually celebrated there.

The Hong Kong Vegfest was organized for the first time in 2013 aiming at delivering information concerning the benefits of a meat-free diet. This festival is a long-awaited one, because people in Hong Kong have their own unique reasons to stop eating meat and animal products. For instance, people around the world don’t eat meat, because they love all animals and thus want to protect them; India and Thailand are known for their religious meat eating restrictions. And in Hong Kong only people don’t eat meat in order to improve their health and skin. However, meat-free diet has other benefits, and the Hong Kong Vegfest wants all people to know about them.

The very first Vegfest in Hong Kong was attended by 4,000 people only. Although this number seems too little for the population of Hong Kong, but it shows that people really want to protect the nature. The decision to organize the festival next year was made, thus Vegfest exists till now. It’s annually organized in October, but the dates are changing.

The visitors of the Hong Kong Vegfest get an opportunity to try different vegan and vegetarian meals and learn to cook them. Also there are different exhibitions showing all visitors about the environment friendly life, films about vegetarianism, the best vegetarian meal contest and other not less interesting events and activities for adults.

Children also can participate in this festival, and there’s a special program for them. Little vegetarians can play games and also cook easy vegetarian meals. Also adults and children can participate in cooking demonstrations which will help them cook vegetarian treats for pets. All these activities show, that vegetarianism isn’t just a health-improving diet, but it’s a whole way of life.

In 2020 and 2021, the event was held online due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Hong Kong Vegfest

Photo: Hong Kong Vegfest




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