Pregnancy, Babies & Children’s Expo

Pregnancy, Babies & Children’s Expo
The Pregnancy, Babies & Children’s Expo, commonly shortened as the PBC Expo, is the largest early parenting event in Australia and the longest-running event of its kind in the world. Many Australian parents will tell you that it is THE event to attend for the latest innovations and the best parenting products.

The PBC Expo was founded in 1990 by Greg and Julie Rocke, a married couple from South Australia. When they were expecting their first child, they discovered that reliable parenting information and advice were hard to find. So they decided to create their own exhibition to support and educate parents and parents-to-be who are just as overwhelmed as the Rockes were and don’t know where to start or which advice to trust.

More than three decades have passed since then, and today the Pregnancy, Babies & Children’s Expo is the largest early parenting exhibition in Australia, with seven events held across Australia every year. As of 2024, expos were held in Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Gold Coast, Melbourne, Sydney, and Perth.

The main idea behind the PBC Expo is to gather everything that parents and parents-to-be may need to know and buy under one roof. The event showcases big brands, the latest innovations, essential products, knowledge and advice from leading experts, special offers, best prices, and exclusive deals. It gives visitors a rare opportunity to talk directly with service providers, product developers and brand owners and have their parenting questions answered. The PBC Expo is targeted at both first-time parents and those who already have experience and knowledge, but want to ensure their knowledge is up-to-date with the latest innovations.

At the expo, visitors have access to a huge range of local and national exhibitors: small businesses and leading companies, government organizations, healthcare professionals, experts, support groups, and more. They cover all areas related to pregnancy, childbirth, newborn care, and parenting, assisting visitors in making informed choices on what’s best for them and their little ones.

The program of the Pregnancy, Babies & Children’s Expo is filled with free talks and classes that provide visitors with practical information and hands-on experience from trusted experts, as well as give them the opportunity to ask questions and share their concerns and fears in a safe and supportive environment. The talks and classes cover a wide range of topics, including labor and birth, breastfeeding and formula feeding, newborn care, safe sleep, first aid and baby CPR, and more.

The PBC Expo also offers fun activities for families with children; some provide for a great bonding experience, while others give the adults a chance to have a break while their kids are having fun. Some of the activities at the PBC expo include imagination play areas, baby play spaces for 0-1 year olds, pram test tracks, coloring walls, selfie walls, and more.

To make the experience more enjoyable, the Pregnancy, Babies & Children’s Expo has facilities and services that help parents keep their kids comfortable: baby care rooms, parcel minding service, and rest stations to take a break and recharge.

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