Sydney Easter Parade & Family Day

Sydney Easter Parade & Family Day
Many cities around the world host parades dedicated to major holidays such as Christmas, Thanksgiving Day, Halloween, Shrove Tuesday (Mardi Gras), Easter, etc. Sydney is not an exception. The city has been holding its traditional Easter parade for more than two decades. The Sydney Christmas Parade traditionally takes place on Easter Monday.

Sydney’s Easter celebration has been known by many names such as the Awakening, Jesus March and the Easter Sunday March. But its current official name is the Sydney Ester Parade. It is a celebration for people from different denominations, age groups and ethnic backgrounds who come together to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

The annual Sydney Easter Parade welcomes Christians from different churches, schools, groups and organizations. One of its goals is to unite the Christian community in Sydney, encouraging all Christians to rise up and to be a strong voice no matter what denomination they belong to.

The parade isn’t a pompous, solemn procession. It features over 3,000 people dressed in their Sunday best and donning extravagant Easter bonnets, giant inflatable floats, costumed characters, marching bands, community and school groups, acrobats, stilt-walkers, dancers, and colorful displays. Filling the streets of Sydney with the sound of music, the parade brings festive joy and cheer

The Sydney Easter Parade & Family Day takes place in Sydney’s Hyde Park. The festivities begin around 11.30 am and last until 4 pm. Along with the parade, there are other events and activities including sermons by the priests, live music, cultural performances, children’s entertainment, and food stalls. It’s a family-friendly event for all people who want to celebrate the true meaning of Easter.

Sydney Easter Parade

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