How to Design a Room for a Young Girl

How to Design a Room for a Young GirlUsually a room of a young lady differs from that of a child or a teenage girl. Stuffed animals, different souvenirs, posters won’t do with a girl's room as most young girls prefer stylish design which reflects their character and tastes. Read on to learn how to design a room for a young girl.

A young girl's room is her bedroom and boudoir, living room and study at the same time. She can stay alone there, or have fun with her friends or spend time with her boyfriend. That's why while designing interior for a young girl's room its multifunctionality should be taken into account. Usually room zoning helps make it multifunctional. The room is divided into at least two areas. They are a workspace and a rest area.

Before zoning, you should decide what furniture will be in your room. Usually there are a bed, a wardrobe, a chest of drawers, a coffee table, a desk and a chair, a shelving unit or several wall shelves. You should also place a couple of armchairs or a loveseat and a few chairs for guests if possible. It will be great if you manage to find place for a dressing table.

If you have a small room, you can choose space saving or modular furniture. For instance, you can buy a folding sofa bed which will help turn a bedroom into a living room and vice versa.

A sliding wardrobe will be appropriate for a small room. Many young girls prefer wardrobes with mirrored doors for two reasons. First, mirrored surface enlarges space visually. Second, you don't have to buy and install a full length mirror.

Choose open shelves for storing books and other things you use often as they take less space. If you want to divide your room into zones, you can use an open back bookcase.

Choice of style and color scheme for a young girl's room interior depends on her taste and preferences. Not all the girls like generic romantic pastel rooms. Some of them prefer shabby chic, others can like hi-tech etc. However, when choosing color scheme you should avoid bright colors.

Besides, you should remember that colors influence visual space perception. It will be better if walls in a small room are light. It will make the room look bigger. If the walls are dark, furniture should be light, otherwise the room will be too gloomy and oppressive.

Any girl wants her room to be cozy, that's why she decorates it with accessories. However, too many accessories don't look good in a room. Start decorating your room using textile such as beautiful drapes, a bedspread, cushions, etc. Make sure that all the accessories match each other. Surely you can also add paintings, figurines or other decorative elements, but remember that there should not be too many accessories in the room.

Lighting is an important element of any interior as well. There should be several additional sources of light in addition to a ceiling lamp. For instance, you can use a desk lamp, a floor lamp, or a wall lamp. Recessed spotlights are a good designer trick as well.

As you see, it's not difficult to design a room for a young girl. The main requirement is that interior of a young girl's room should be multifunctional and comfortable.



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