How to Use Black in Interior Design

How to Use Black in Interior DesignPeople use black in interior design very rarely, in spite of the fact that it's the color of reserved austerity, luxury, refinement, and elegance. Surely such a color has a special impact on people, that's why it should be combined with other colors. Let's learn how to use black in interior design properly.

Black is considered to be the deepest color, it can create a calm and peaceful atmosphere. Black color accentuates contrasts perfectly and can make any style of interior design more refined. There is a stereotype that dark colors make a room look smaller. However, black color is the exception. Black, on the contrary, creates an effect of an infinite space. Moreover, if you combine it with decorative mirror elements, your room will look deeper.

Black is universal as can be combined with any other color. Combination of black and flamboyant colors will create bright contrasts, while black and pastel colors will look more harmonious. If you add a large number of bright and multicolored accessories to a black background, your room will look gorgeous. You can use a classic way to design with black. Just combine it with gold and white and your interior will have a royal look. Combination of black and white is often used to design halls and bathrooms.

Black matches wood perfectly. Black and wood do for ethnic styles with various color patterns. Black elements are very important for Chinese, some other Asian interior styles, and Minimalist interior style. For instance, black wooden furniture can be used in such interior styles. Besides, black complements fur and leather well. Such a combination will look elegant in a bedroom.

Another way to use black is rather extraordinary. You can paint some part of a wall or a door with special black paint to create a chalkboard effect. Children can use such a surface to draw, while parents can write a shopping list or a plan for the day on it. If you use black eggshell paint for the walls, it will give your room an amazing look. By the way, white ceiling will match black walls perfectly.

Black should not dominate in your interior. This is the key rule of using black. Adding bright accents is very important while using black in interior. You can do it with the help of cushions, drapes, carpets, paintings and other accessories. For instance, if you want to accentuate a collection of paintings, hang them on a black wall.

Using black in interior has always been a stylish trend. You can accentuate any detail or design peculiarity with the help of black and give a wonderful look to your room.



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