How to Make Your Room Look Bigger

How to Make Your Room Look BiggerLack of space in a house or apartment is a problem for many people. However, it's easy to make a small room look bigger with the help of wallpaper, furniture, drapes and different accessories. You will learn how to make your room look bigger on AnydayGuide.

Sufficient lighting and light colors are the key elements of enlarging space. In order to expand the space visually use white, light blue, yellow, green, pink, apricot, cream, beige and other pastel colors for decoration.

Don't use complementary colors to design a small room, otherwise it will look even smaller. The shades of one color or analogous colors will be perfect for a small room. Never combine red and green, blue and orange, violet and yellow and other bright colors which optically narrow the room.

Textiles and wallpaper with large patterns, rough texture and relief are not recommended to use in a small room. Monochrome wallpaper, small pattern wallpaper or wallpaper with vertical stripes will look much better.

Pay special attention to lighting in your room. There should be several sources of light in a small room. Recessed spotlights are better for a small room than a ceiling lamp. Don't block the windows and leave them almost bare. It will allow sunlight into the room.

Drapes in a small room should be almost transparent and cover not only the window, but the whole wall. Don't use large carpets. A small rug placed in front of the couch will be perfect.

Wooden furniture won't help you make your room more spacious. Light-colored pieces of furniture with mirror, glass, plastic or metal parts will give your room an airy look. Do not mix different furniture styles in one room as it reduces space.

Placing mirrors on the wall or the wardrobe is a good interior decorating trick. Set rectangular mirrors vertically to make the ceiling look higher and enlarge space between the walls visually. It's recommended to hang the mirror across the window.

You should be careful when decorating the room with accessories. A large number of souvenirs, vases, candlesticks and other stuff of various size and color make your room look smaller. Use a few accessories. The most interesting and bright accessories should be placed far from the entrance door. They will attract attention and enlarge your room.