How to Do Faster Bathroom Renovation

How to Do Faster Bathroom RenovationJust a few people have several bathrooms to arrange their remodeling without sacrificing personal comfort. But this is one of the parts of the house we are using most of all, and to avoid such unpleasant consequences as mold your contractor should arrange the planning of the bathroom renovation accordingly. Just talk with your designer and we are sure all your requests will be fulfilled.

Usually, it’s not a quick process and in most situations, it’s recommended to think about how to find the way to use another bathroom for at least a few weeks. Otherwise, it’s better if you underline to the remodeling company that the replacement and repair of the most essential parts of the bathroom must be done in the shortest time possible. In some cases, the process can even take up to one month, but here we will disclose some essential secrets on how to arrange the process as fast as possible. Moreover, with IDA design and build you can be sure all the process will be smooth and satisfying.

  • Purchasing in time

Bathroom remodeling requires plenty of materials and equipment starting from the tiles and paints and dyes and ending with new toilet, bathtub, shower rails and other components. If you don’t want to spend extra time waiting when the process has already started, you should make sure that you have everything you will need at hand.

Special mention to the tiles and other commonly used materials. They should be purchased in more quantities that you are planning to use. First of all, the calculations are not always 100 % accurate. Secondly, there is always a human factor when some pieces can be broken or wrongly cut. If you have the exact number of the components, you may face such problems as the necessity to order additional amounts, and it will lead to delay. Moreover, in some cases the seller may not have this exact color and texture anymore, which is a real nightmare for all the owners of the houses.

Beside the supplies for the remodeling itself, it’s better to think in advance about such irreplaceable items as dry shampoo, bottled water etc. If the estimated time of the bathroom items’ replacement will be pretty long, you can consider the option of the bio toilet which is not that expensive but can allow you to let the workers do their job without hurry and, therefore, with better quality and output.

Protective film is one more irreplaceable item if you are planning renovation of the room, not only the bathroom. You can protect all the furniture, floor and walls near the working area to avoid their damage and to make the upcoming cleaning process much easier and smoother. It’s also recommended to place the wet floor rag at the exit of the bathroom so the dust and other dirt will not leave the area of remodeling.

  • Attention to details

In most cases, it’s faster, easier and even cheaper to hire a professional team to fulfill all the steps of the job. In this regard it’s better to make sure you acknowledge yourself with all points of the contract, especially the ones written with small letters. The duration of the work and its particular steps should be as well as the conditions and the consequences of the possible delay. It will be easier for you, even without the knowledge and skills in the bathroom renovation overall, to see if the process is going smoothly and without potential delays.

One more important aspect before choosing the particular remodeling company is to check the reviews from the previous clients which you can easily find online. Of course, every case is different and you cannot fully rely on the opinions of other people, but at least you can easily get access to information about the delays and the quality of the work. Another option is to choose the contractor your friends or family members have already dealt with.

  • Proper start

Usually, the professional team knows how to arrange the process in the smoothest and fastest way. But sometimes this way is not very convenient for the people living in the house.

The best solution is to postpone the work with the toilet and bathtub to the latest step so, despite the work in progress, you and your family members still can use the bathroom. The best way to start is to remove the old tiles and painting. This is, actually, one of the most difficult and time-consuming processes but it’s not affecting the functionality of the main bathroom attributes.

In regard to the replacement of the toilet, bathtub and shower, it’s advised to make sure you arrange the special service to pick the old ones in time – otherwise your house will look like a storage room. Basically, the actual process of the replacement is not taking too much time and you can expect to use the new sanitary engineering in a few days already. Bathtub and shower remodeling usually takes more time but even here you can set deadlines for your convenience.

One of the tips of how to make the process faster is to arrange with the contractor placing the tiles after the installation of the toilet and bathtub. Of course, in this case it may cause some additional work for the team, such as cutting the tiles instead of placing the items on the top, but this additional cost of work can protect you from a few more days of waiting.

  • Importance of the sockets

Bathroom remodeling requires a proper plan, and this plan should include not only the location of the bathtub, toilet, shelves, washing machine but also the position of the sockets. You should carefully think about how many devices you may need to use at the same time (don’t forget about the hairdryer and other daily items) and where you would prefer to have access to the sockets for them.

The sockets themselves also should be ready for the humid air of the room. It’s better if they are covered with a plastic cup – you can find such options in any shop. Unless you delegate the task of the full equipment to the contractor, you should take care of their purchasing in advance.

  • Try to avoid extra moisture

Even the perfect and extremely expensive bathroom remodeling will be useless in a few years (or months) if you don’t think about the main enemy of any room – moisture. Modern technologies provide plenty of options to make its negative effect less harmful.
Thus, when you are planning to install the bathtub, you have to carefully calculate the anger of the pipes towards the drain. Ignorance of this essential factor can lead to the stagnant water.

Another tip is the usage of the bathroom hood. It will provide the circulation of the air and can be switched on and off depending on the main switchers of the room. Modern projects usually include this component but you need to make sure it will match the size and the shape of your bathroom so it will work for 100 %.

  • Proper lighting

In comparison with other rooms, the bathroom requires special lighting. First of all, the functions of this room depend on the time of the day – in the morning it’s preferable to have more bright light (for shaving, putting make-up, hair-drying and other similar purposes) while in the evening most of us prefer a more relaxing atmosphere for taking a bath.

Having different light options will help you to adjust the specific area according to your needs. Spotlights above the mirror and warm color of the main lamp will be a perfect match for any bathroom.

Another requirement for the bathroom lighting during the remodeling planning is to try to use economical options. Today you can find a great variety of pulps with higher price but less electricity consumption – such investment will be worth it.
It’s crucial to add the detailed plan of the desired lighting in the project so the contractor and its team can arrange all the necessary steps. In some cases, especially if you are remodeling an old type of the bathroom, it will require additional work of the electrician. Having all the details ready will allow you to avoid unexpected steps and therefore you can save time.

  • Firstly, practical and then aesthetical approach

Considering the role of the bathroom in our daily life, you should put comfort as a priority. Despite the numerous attractive and stylish options, you may find in the catalogs, not all of them can be suitable for the usage.

Thus, a glossy floor can look shiny and original, but stepping on it after the shower can lead to unwanted accidents. If you are not willing to cover all the beauty of the floor with numerous bathroom mats, it’s better to give preference to matte surface of the floor.

Another common mistake is underestimating a spacious cabinet for the bathroom. You may think that a small cabinet with one or two shelves will be enough but at the end all the attractiveness of the new bathroom will be spoiled with numerous items laying on the corners of the sink and bathtub. Today you can find a lot of interesting options which will make the room look more cozy and complete. And you will avoid the necessity of the last-minute changes when the process of the bathroom remodeling is almost finished.

These tips you can use to arrange the process of the bathroom remodeling in a proper way. But there are still some unseen circumstances that may occur. For example, removing the toilet can show serious problems with the plumbing system. Or the thickness of the wall can be less than expected which will cause the necessity of additional work. In any case, when planning such an intensive project, we advise you to be ready to give more time to the contractor to make the final result up to your expectations (and without the necessity of the sooner refreshment).



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