Summer Date Ideas for Teens

Summer Date Ideas for TeensSummer is the best time for dating. School's out, the weather is great and you've got plenty of time to spend with your cutie. But don't you even dare to spend all evenings together at the cinema or a coffee shop, because now you've got so many opportunities to make your dates special and full of fun. If you have nothing on you mind, then use these summer date ideas that we've prepared for you.

#1 Go to the beach. Beach can be a great place for a group date. Ask your friends to join so you can play beach volleyball. When the sun goes down, offer to make a bonfire. You can roast s'mores or sausages you've packed. And by the bonfire you will have a good opportunity to spend some romantic alone time.

#2 Go boat riding. If you live somewhere near the water, you or your friend might have a boat. If you don't, then rend a paddleboat or a kayak and enjoy the ride on the beautiful lake. You will spend great time together, have lovely talks and get some exercise for your arms.

#3 Go on a picnic. You might have already thought about going on a picnic, and that's great! Pack some homemade food and take a blanket. Don't forget to take your Frisbee, and you will have lots of fun together. And if you want to make your picnic special, then pack some gourmet food instead of usual chicken sandwiches. For instance, take some goat cheese, fig and prosciutto sandwiches, avocado and tuna salad and homemade lemonade.

#4 Beach picnic. The end of summer is always colder, but it's actually the best time for the beach picnic. Have some hot soup in a thermos, French bread and a dessert and go watching sunset. Then you can stargazing cuddling in warm blankets.

#5 Fly a kite. Have a contest for two of you, and see who will win. For instance, you can fly a kite on the beach or in the nearest park and see, who will keep the kite up the longest. The looser will have to buy ice cream.

#6 Go hiking. There are many places to go hiking in summer. For instance, you can go to the nearest forest, and then have a picnic at the beach or a meadow.

#7 Go to a drive-in movie. In case you and your cutie are real cinema goers and you love watching films, then opt for a drive-in movie. It's not too hot in the night and you will always have the privacy you lack in movie theaters.

#8 Visit any food festival. Find the nearest food festival and visit it. You will have great time hopping from booth to booth with delicious food and finally you will be able to taste dishes you've never heard about. Visiting a food festival is like going on a picnic, but it's much better.



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