How to Deal With an Abusive Sibling

How to Deal With an Abusive SiblingThere is no space for such things as hatred, bullying, manipulation, abuse and yells in a family. Relationship between siblings should be positive, but sometimes parents close their eyes on a passive-aggressive behavior of one of the siblings and can't confront it. But what can you do to deal with an abusive sibling?

Sibling abuses are really common. They stem from different problems and develop in different age. Some suffer abusive older sister or brother since childhood, while others really were best friends ever, but when they grow up everything changes. Keeping silence and neglecting the problem won't help you change anything. You can deal with your siblings in different ways, it all depends on what kind of abuse you suffer.

Your sibling is always right. Whenever you have any argument, your siblings is always right, and you're wrong. Try to confront your sibling with a quip, and if it doesn't help, then calm down and tell how you feel. Explain your sibling, that you'd like to have a mutual trust and you want to be treated equally. And in case your sibling continues to be bossy, then be happy that you spoke your mind.

Your sibling hates your spouse. Their hatred can be caused by many reasons. It may happen, that your spouse is rude to your sibling, or your sister is just jealous, because you have good relations, while her marriage is a disaster. You never know what had happened, but if the problem is in your spouse's behavior, then talk to him and ask him to be more kind to your sister. In case the problem is in your sister, then ask her to accept him for family's sake.

Your sibling is verbally abusive. Sibling rivalry is not OK, and you definitely need to deal with it. Communication is the key to success, so sit down and ask your sibling, why they are so mean to you. In case you don't have a talk and you sibling acts rather childishly, then consider to distract yourself from them. Your distraction may last as long as only you can wish. Stop inviting them over and calling them, meet only at family gatherings and try not to talk to your sibling. You can find it hard to do, but you can't play victim in your relationship all the time. Just be clear in your feedback.

Your sibling is jealous. Sibling competitiveness stems out from one resource, that is parent's attention. And if your brother or sister is constantly jealous that you've got better stuff, it's just because they can't get enough. This sibling rivalry may last for years, and you can't do nothing to it. And every time your sibling starts saying, that you've got all the best, just try to change the subject or ignore the conversation. And if it gets to you, then bring it up.



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