5 Benefits of Adult Coloring Books

5 Benefits of Adult Coloring BooksColoring books for adults have become quite popular recently. Yes, coloring is not just for kids anymore, it has become an adult activity. There even are Facebook pages and clubs for adult colorers. What are the benefits of adult coloring books?

Benefit #1. They help you de-stress. Coloring is a meditative activity that allows you to relax and reduces stress and anxiety levels. More and more adults choose coloring as a relaxing exercise. It certainly is a healthier way to cope with your everyday stress and unwind than, for example, drinking. How does it work? When you are focused on coloring, the part of the brain that performs a primary role in the processing of emotional relations (including fear) gets some rest.

Benefit #2. Coloring is good for your brain. Although coloring is a relaxing activity, it takes focus. It trains you to focus on current activity and put everything else aside. If you color regularly, you will become more organized and focused in your everyday life. Besides, coloring helps develop fine motor skills.

Benefit #3. You can make new friends. As you grow older, it becomes harder to meet new people. If you have a hobby, you can bond with other people over it. Although coloring is originally a solo activity, it's increasing popularity has transformed it into a social one. Adult colorers gather to socialize while engaging in their hobby. If there is no coloring club in your area, you can start one! Besides, you can use coloring to bond with your co-workers and de-stress together during lunch breaks.

Benefit #4. You learn to be yourself. Many of us are too dependent on other people's opinions. If you want to be truly happy, you need to learn to pay less attention to what other people think. So, you like adult coloring books. It doesn't matter what anyone else thinks of your hobby, you don't need to be embarrassed about it. You like what you like.

Benefit #5. You can embrace your inner child. When you're too overwhelmed with adult responsibilities, you can open your coloring book and pretend you're five. A little escapism won't hurt as long as you always return to your adult life. And if you have kids, you can use coloring as a family bonding activity. You will color your book, and they will color theirs. We are sure your kids will be thrilled that you share a hobby with them.

Contrary to popular belief, adult coloring books are not art therapy, coloring doesn't require much creativity. However, they do have some benefits. So if you want to try coloring as your new hobby, go for it!



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