10 Worst Words to Use to Describe Yourself Online

10 Worst Words to Use to Describe Yourself OnlineThe words you use to describe yourself online, generally influences your popularity among the opposite sex. We're sure that you want your dating profile to be as much attractive as possible, that's why we recommend you to never ever use these 10 words to describe yourself online.

There's no secret that women and men look for specific traits in their possible partners, that's why the use of certain words, like “physically fit” and “perceptive” (for men only) makes them up to 148 percent more interesting for women. At the same time, women, who use words like sweet and funny in their online descriptions seem to be more interesting for men. However, there are always words, that should be omitted regardless your sex. Let's see what these words are.

#1 Quiet, good listener. When somebody reads, that you're quiet or a good listener, this person thinks that they will be talking, and you will keep silence. That's pretty much boring. By the way, mostly people who are too quiet are very boring.

#2 Spiritual. Keep your spiritual talks to the time, when you get to know each other better. People want to find a date, not a pastor.

#3 Respectful. When people read, that you're respectful, they might think, that they will be called Ma'am or Sir. Nobody wants that, and by the way, being respectful to people you meet really goes without saying.

#4 Guru, legend, ninja, expert. You will never believe it, but these words are very often seen in may profiles, and people never know why they use them. They just sound fun and give them more weight. But do they really know, what they actually mean? If person describes themselves as a “guru”, are they really the ones they would like to be? Believe us, there's nothing worse to smash your celebrity than these words.

#5 Rock-star. It's the same situation as with the words above. However, there are more rock-stars, than gurus and legends. By the way, if you're a front man of a garage rock band, it doesn't make you a rock-star.

#6 Exceptional. Really? It sounds like we're going to deal with an exceptional narcissist.

#7 Modest. Nowadays modesty is not the number one priority, so if you have it, ignore it, especially on social media. People look for a date and want to see what you've got from the get-go.

#8 Caring. Being a caring person is really good, if you're in a long-term relationship, but if you find yourself on a dating site, then forget about this trait. People don't want a mom or a dad, then want a date.

#9 Loyal. If you were a pet, then being loyal would be your benefit. But when we're looking for a date, it's a given.

#10 Energetic. Meeting an energetic person may be very exhausting. Also this word makes everyone think about a talkative person, who never shuts up.



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