Wedding Veil Types Glossary

Wedding Veil Types GlossaryYou might think, that choosing a veil is no great deal, because there's no more than two or three types of them. But you're wrong, because bridal boutiques can offer you different types of veils, which are perfect for stylish brides or classic weddings only. Look through our wedding veil types glossary to get ready to choose the veil you really want to.

Birdcage veil. This type of veil will remind you of the 1960s, when brides were wearing a net, draped off the side of the head. The birdcage veils are usually about 9 inch length and cover half of your face. They give a vintage look and they are perfect for those brides, who want to show their style.

Birdcage veils have many different types, that you might like. The shortest birdcage veil is called a bandeau veil (or Venetian veil). It ranges in sizes from 4 to 9 inches in height and it covers just your forehead and hair, if preferred. An angle veil is usually worn at an angle near the temple and it covers only your eyes (also if you fix it higher, it won't cover even your eyebrows).

Blusher. Blusher is sometimes called a type of a birdcage veil, but it's really longer. Blusher is the veil that covers your face and it's exactly what your father will remove after he leads you down the isle. Blusher is always removed after the ceremony.

Shoulder-length veil (or flyaway veil). This is not a very common type of veil, but you still can find it. This veil ends anywhere between your shoulders and midback. This type of veil is perfect, if your wedding dress has got interesting details on its back and you'd like to show them. Shoulder-length veils are considered to be the less formal and they are just perfect for city weddings.

Elbow-length veil. This is a very popular type of veil, that matches any wedding dress. As the name implies, the veil extends itself to your elbows. This type of veil is very easy to handle and it can be combined with blusher.

Fingertip-length veil. Most brides choose fingertip-length veil, because it can beautifully flutter in the wind. It gives you the classic look and still it's easy to handle.

Ballet-length (aka Waltz veil). Ballet-length veils can't be seen as often as other types, but they are very beautiful. This type of veil can end anywhere between your knees and ankles, it means that it's long enough, and still it shouldn't be removed to dance (that's why they were called this way).

Chapel-length veil. Now we're stepping in the zone of classic long veils. Chapel-length veils are created for formal weddings, and they are very elegant and romantic. Chapel-length veil goes all the way down to the ground, but it has no train.

Cathedral-length veil. This type of veil is for the real grand dame. They look very lovely at all photos, but they are also a pain to manage. As you might have guessed, this type of veil has a train.

Mantilla. It's a long Spanish-style veil, that shapes your face. This type of veil is usually made of tulle and has a lace edging. Mantilla is usually secured with a comb.

Pouf veil. Pouf veils may have different length, and they are certainly not for every pride. The pouf veils are made of tulle that is gathered to a hairpiece and fastened by a comb.



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