Wedding Dress Shopping Tips Every Bride Should Know

Wedding Dress Shopping Tips Every Bride Should KnowBuying a wedding dress of your dream is definitely the most exciting part of your wedding preparations. However, it can become a nightmare and you can make the choice you will regret later. Remember these wedding dress shopping tips and find the dress that was tailored for you.

Start early, but not to early. Many brides are surprised, that they have to start early to find the dress that is perfect for them and have it tailored till the date of their wedding. Remember, that it usually takes from four to six months to finish the dress. So start about six to eight months before the wedding date, but not more than twelve months ahead. Starting too early is also not good.

Make appointments at the most convenient boutique locations. There are many wedding dress boutiques in your city, but you don't need to go to all of them. Choose only two or three boutiques that have the most convenient location for you and make appointments there. We don't recommend you take more boutiques, because you will forget what you've tried on. And choose the right time for the appointments. Saturday morning is the busiest time in any wedding boutique, and the consultants won't be able to give you much attention.

Take your lingerie, accessories and shoes to the fitting. Most boutiques have shoes and slips on hand for fittings, however, it's always better to bring your own stuff. So get ready to wear a nude bra and underwear for the fitting. If you're planning to wear the shaping garments, you need to bring them, too! Also take any shoes with the similar heel height you're going to wear on the wedding day to see, how dress falls with your heels. And if you want to have a total look of you, then take accessories and veil you're going to wear.

Bring the pictures of dresses you like. You will need to explain consultant what kind of dress you're looking for, or what you like and what would match the wedding ceremony. The more information you give, the easier it is to find the right dress for you.

Have an open mind. Many brides come to boutique with the vision of the dress they want to wear and never want to listen to consultant's advice. Be open minded and try dresses that you don't fall for at first. There are dresses, that look like a stick while on a hanger, but they are gorgeous when worn!

Take someone to help you shopping, but avoid entourage. Celebrities in reality shows take the whole family and all bridesmaids to fitting the dress. But in reality this entourage will load you with lots of things you don't like at all. So take no more that two or three people with you, whose opinion means a lot for you.

Take the right size. Even if you're going to lose ten pounds before the wedding day, never take the gown that is one size smaller than your current size. Many brides make this mistake and find out, that they still can't fit in the dress they have. Even if you really lose your weight, it's always simpler to make some changes with a dress that is a bit big, than with a too small dress.

Don't try on the dresses, that are not withing your budget. Don't make the biggest mistake many brides do by trying on the dresses they know they can't afford. All other dresses will seem not good enough then. And also don't try more than ten dresses, otherwise you won't be able to choose the one that you like the most.



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