How to Prepare Your Family for a Move

How to Prepare Your Family for a MoveMoving into a new house, city and even country is very stressful. Actually, it gives more stress, than bankruptcy and death of a family member. New place, new job, new people and a whole city that you don't know at all. Everyone is anxious, including you, but you have to prepare your family for a move.

Moving doesn't mean only packing stuff, that takes a lot of time. It's also about arrangement your life at the new place. However, before you start packing things in boxes and labeling them (remember, that there are never too many labels) you have to talk to you children and older people, if you move with them. By the way, moving is also stressful for your pets, but at least you don't need to explain them what is going on around.

Preparing your kids for a move. Children don't like moving, because their home is their world, and they are afraid of new places, where they don't know anyone. Toddlers and preschool children are the easiest to deal with, because they are the most open to any changes. However, it doesn't mean that you don't need to tell anything to your children.

Prepare your children for moving by visiting your new home, if it's nearby and vacant. If it's far away, then it would be great to have some pictures of it. You can ask your family member, who lives nearby, or even your real estate agent to make pictures of your new place and neighborhood and send them to you. You will show these pictures to your children and tell them, how great this place is going to be.

School-age children are relatively open to a move, but they need serious help throughout the whole process. What is the best time to move? There are two thoughts about it. Some say, that it's better to move during summer holidays, so you won't interrupt schooling. But the others say, that it's better to move in the middle of school year, because you child will immediately see their new friends. No matter what you choose, think beforehand about the process of transferring your child to a new school and send the documents they require.

Teenagers are the most difficult to transfer, because they leave their friends, romantic relationship and the moments that they've been waiting for so long, like prom. You can prepare your child for a move by telling them, that this way you become open to changes, that wait for them anyway, like going to a college or a new job.

The success of moving teens depends only on how you interact with your children. You need to hear their concerns about moving and see, if you can do anything to help them go through it. For instance, if it's their last year at school, it can be better to leave your child here till the end of the school year at their friends or your relatives, if it's possible. If you can't do that, see, if you child can come back to events like prom.

Preparing older family members for a move. Older family members are even more difficult to move, than kids. You can't imagine, how strong their bonds to their homes are. There are so many memories, that they have to leave behind. Talk to your older family members and explain, why moving is inevitable and what it can bring. Don't forget to listen, because you and your older family members have different feelings, and you need to understand each other.

Let your older family member participate in moving and make some important decisions, like what room colors they need, what stuff should be moved and not. It can be actually anything, that lets them feel, that they are the part of this big decision. By the way, don't forget to take as many close pictures as you can of your old house, that will help you arrange things in your new house as they were before. It will make your older family member feel more comfortable at a new place.



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