How to Stop Crying

How to Stop CryingSometimes there is no better way to handle a tough situation than to cry. What could you do when it's inappropriate to cry for some reason? How to stop crying if you are at work or have an important meeting? Let's find out.

Crying is a natural reaction to strong emotions, that's why you should not be afraid or ashamed of it. Therefore let yourself cry if you need. Cry as much as you want to release stress.

To stop crying in a natural way is the best option, but we don't always have time for tears. Usually we have to hide our tears, pull ourselves together and get to work.

Sedatives, cigarettes, alcohol and sweets are surely the most popular ways to stop crying. Unfortunately, none of them is harmless. It's common knowledge that alcohol and cigarettes are harmful to the body. Abuse of sedatives can cause health problems as well. Eating too much sweets can lead to obesity.

Fortunately, today there are a lot of other ways to stop crying, which are not dangerous to your health. Let's consider the most popular ways to stop crying fast.

In order to stop crying try to hold your breath. Take a deep breath and hold, count to ten and breathe out. Repeat several times and you will stop crying. When you calm down, try to distract yourself from the troubles that have evoked your tears.

Another way to stop crying is to drink a glass or two of water. Sip slowly. It will help you start breathing normally and calm down. Try not to evoke tears again.

Distracting yourself physically is an effective way to stop tears. Pinch yourself to make your mind switch to physical pain. Be sure not to pinch too hard otherwise you might start crying from physical pain instead.

Try to recall poetry, the multiplication table, your friends' or relatives' phone numbers, etc to distract yourself from your feelings.

The above-described actions will help you stop crying fast. But what could you do when you don't want anybody to see your tears? How to hold back tears?

When you feel that you are about to cry, use the above-described way of distracting yourself with a physical action. Bite your tongue or cheek lightly, clench your fists strongly and think about something cheerful.

Try to raise your elbows up high. It will be difficult for you to cry in such a position. Besides, you can look up or look straight without blinking, which will help you hold back your tears.

Holding back tears in public is very useful. However, you should remember that when you hold your tears back, your pain becomes stronger, which can cause a nervous breakdown. Thus, resort to the ways to stop crying only in urgent situations. In other circumstances let yourself cry to let it all out.



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