How to Sober Up Fast

How to Sober Up FastNot everybody can drink without getting drunk and therefore it's difficult for many people to sober up. AnydayGuide will dwell upon how to sober up fast.

Alcohol helps people relax, loosen up and forget about their troubles. However, when people don't know when to stop, they lose control of their behavior which can cause awkward situations, that's why sometimes we need to sober up fast

You can't sober up until the alcohol leaves your body. Usually it takes several hours, but it depends on how many drinks you've had and how strong they've been. The more you drink, the longer you sober up. If you mix drinks, sobering up will take more time.

Sometimes you can't wait till your body gets rid of alcohol by itself and need to sober up faster at least for a while. How to do that?

There are a lot of ways to sober up fast. They affect different people in different ways and can be more or less effective depending on the individual's physiological characteristics. As a rule, their effect isn't lasting.

Use the following recommendations to sober up for a while (up to 1 hour). Stop drinking and try to induce vomiting. Then drink a cup of sweet tea or coffee. It will improve your general condition. By the way, if you take a shower and brush your teeth, you will feel much better.

If you don't drink too much, you can do without the above-described actions. Use reflexology techniques instead. For instance, ear or foot massage is believed to be effective. There is an interesting way to sober up fast based on foot massage. Spread a wet towel on the floor and stand on it barefoot. Then try to scoop the towel under your feet with your toes. It will help you sober up for a short period of time.

You can also use over-the-counter sober up pills that increase alcohol metabolism, but don't consume more than four a day.

In order to reduce the effect of alcohol make your brain work. For instance, try to do a sum, recall some moments of your life, participate in a conversation, etc.

Fast sobering up is a real rescue for those who need to come to their senses urgently. However, none of these methods can remove all the alcohol from your body. Don't use the ways to sober up fast too often. Try to resort to them only in urgent situations.