How to Cry on the Spot

How to Cry on the SpotSometimes you need to cry on the spot. For instance, women use this trick to attract men's attention. It is also important for actors and models. How to make yourself cry? How to evoke tears if there are no emotions? Let's dwell on how to cry on the spot.

Crying is a physiological reaction to strong feelings such as suffering, sadness. That's why you have to provoke certain emotions purposely to cry on the spot. You can watch some sad movie, listen to a sad song, recall some sad event from life.

This way is good to evoke tears, but you will also get upset. If you don't want that, try only to evoke tears, but not to cry truly. Tears are physiological liquid for cleaning and lubricating eyes, that's why tearing should not be connected necessarily with human emotions. Thus if you can evoke eye irritation or dryness artificially, you will have real tears easily.

The most popular ways to evoke tears are using of onion juice, citrus juice, perfumes, etc. If you sprinkle such liquids on your eyes, you will surely have tears. Strong wind blowing in your face makes similar effect. If there is no wind, you can ask somebody to blow in your face. Remember that these ways can harm your eyes, that's why don't overdo.

Try not to blink for a long time in order to evoke eye dryness. Stare at one point and don't blink, then close and open your eyes and start winking actively. The tears will come soon.

Another way to tears is to irritate the nervous center. You will have to hurt yourself a little: to pinch an earlobe, pull out some hairs from your nose or eyebrow, etc. Your tears of pain will be really natural.

As mentioned above, actors also need to cry on the spot, that's why we should pay attention to actor's methods to cry. You can make a “crying” face and you will really cry soon. Try also to strain your throat as for yawning, open your mouth widely and sing. It can help evoke tears due to physiological reactions.

Professional actors admit that not all of them resort to these methods. They use approved means such as menthol granules or artificial tears that guarantee the result.

As you can see there are a lot of various ways to cry on the spot. You should remember that if you use artificial tears to pull on people's heartstrings too often, you can fail and nobody will believe in your real tears.