How to Avoid Dating Burnout

How to Avoid Dating BurnoutYou want to find your second half, but every date turns out to be miserable. You think you will never find the person who will match you and you're getting tired of it. You don't want to date anymore, because looking for someone seems to be your second part-time job. All of this is about dating burnout, that you experience. Our tips will help you avoid dating burnout and enjoy meeting others.

Get some rest. The very first thing that causes the burnout is tiredness. You're tired of people whom you have to meet. They all seem to be boring and you know that the next date will be a disaster, just like hundred of previous ones. It's time to get some rest of the dates, instead of this focus yourself on things, that you do well. New wins, even if they are not connected with your love life, will make you believe in yourself again.

Say “No”. Do you remember how Jim Carrie was saying “Yes” to anything, even to the things he never liked, in Yes Man? You don't have to follow his way and say “Yes” to all dates. Prefer quality instead of quantity and say “No” to the dates with people, who are not interesting to you. You will save you time and energy.

Watch out for date-wasters. There are many date-wasters, that consume your time. Just think how many texts you have to return and emails to read, answer the phone calls and arrange dead-end coffee meet-ups. All of these just waste your time, so instead of exploring literary all possibilities, focus only on potential partners. And if you know that the potential partner is not a candidate for the ever-lasting love, don't waste you time and move on.

Be real and don't overthink your date. You've experienced lots of disastrous dates and read hundreds of books on successful first and second dates. Before the date you think what questions to ask, what to answer, where to go, what to do, what to order. You want to make your first date with a probable partner successful. Instead of this don't think much about the date. Be yourself and enjoy the time. Also don't think about the candidate as about the probable partner, and then you will avoid one more wave of disappointment, that you've wasted your time for the wrong person and probably missed your Mr. Right.

Stay positive. The dates that are not fun really suck and you want to avoid them. However, don't think, that your next date will be the same as previous disastrous ones. If you think this way, you will get the same outcome even with the candidates, who are very charming. Staying positive is very important, otherwise the date-game will be disappointing you more and more. Yes, Grumpy Cat is a good meme and Dr. House is fun to watch, but nobody wants to see their embodiment in real life.



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