How to Groom Your Cat

How to Groom Your CatCat grooming concerns not only brushing. It is a complex care of your cat's fur, claws and ears. Today there are a lot of salons that provide cat grooming services.

It is easy to take your cat to a pet grooming salon, where specialists will do a fashionable haircut or manicure for your cat. You can also do it by yourself. In this case you have to arrange a place for grooming at home. Whatever you choose, grooming is an integral part of your pet's care, especially if you want to show your cat.

No doubt that show cats need grooming, but is it so important for common cats? The answer will be surely positive, because any cat needs this hygienic procedure and it should be done at least once a week.

In order to prepare a place for grooming you will need:

  • a grooming table
  • a pet nail trimmer and a file
  • a set of brushes and combs

Tables for grooming can be folding or stationary. Do not use your common home tables because it is not hygienic.

Grooming of long-haired cat breeds and grooming of short-haired cat breeds differ. Following tips will help you brush a long-haired cat. You will need a wire brush to comb your cat's tail and hinder paws. Use a rare and thick comb to brush your pet from tail to head, in the opposite direction to fur growth. Double sided combs will be good for untangling matted cat's fur and a common toothbrush will be good for your cat's face fur.

If you want to brush a short-haired cat the following recommendations will be useful. You will need a bristle brush, a fine tooth comb and a rubber curry comb to brush your cat from head to tail. Use a piece of chamois to make your cat's fur shiny.

Do not forget that cat grooming is not only brushing. Cleaning ears and eyes, taking care of your cat's teeth and bathing are also essential parts of grooming. Clean your cat's ears at least once a week. Clean its eyes as required. Most cats don't like bathing, but they need it. You should not bathe your pet very often, but it is recommended to use dry shampoo or special powder once a week.



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