How to Take Care of Puppies

How to Take Care of PuppiesCaring for a puppy is not an easy task, but you can get ready for it. It needs patience, dedication and responsibility, that's why you will have to learn all peculiarities of the process and understand how to take care of puppies.

Canine friend needs much attention, that's why if you are not confident of your strength or don't have enough time for caring, do not get it. If you really want to devote your time to your pet, you will succeed and your puppy will be healthy, nice and gentle.

You should prepare a place for your pet and buy all necessary things before you bring home a puppy. It is also important to clean up your house, because puppies learn the surrounding world with the help of their teeth. As a result, they can damage something precious, swallow some object or even choke on it. You must prevent that.

What will your puppy need? Buy two metal bowls, one for water and one for food. Your puppy will need to play, that's why you should get chew toys. Prepare various crunchy treats for puppies to sharpen teeth.

Your puppy should have its own place in the house, where it can sleep or lie. It can be a wicker basket, a dog bed or even a small house. Buy a blanket for your puppy so it can get warm. Puppy's bed should be soft and elastic.

You should help your puppy get used to a new house, because new people, smells, etc. can make it panic. Don't take your puppy in your arms if it doesn't want to. Don't punish it, try to be very affectionate and friendly.

Do not raise puppies by their forepaws. It can make them feel uncomfortable and harm their health. If there are children in the house, look after them, so they don't frighten or hurt your pet.

If your pet sleeps half a day, don't be afraid of that, because it's normal. Sometimes it can sleep on the spot, wake up in half an hour and continue having fun and playing. Your small pet needs rest and you should provide that.

When your pet receives vaccination, you can bath it. It is not recommended to bath pets very often. Use only puppies shampoo (don't resort to shampoos for people or dogs). Clean its ears with special lotion and wipe its eyes. Puppy's teeth also need care. You should brush them regularly. Do not forget about brushing its fur. Use special comb. Brush your pet from head to tail.

Walking your puppy is also very important. You have to walk it at least two times a day (after feeding). Don't let other animals hurt your puppy. Play with your puppy at home as it needs physical activities.

If you take care of your puppy properly, it will grow up a healthy and friendly dog.