The Most Expensive Cat Breeds

The Most Expensive Cat BreedsIf you have a dream of becoming the owner of a pet that costs a pretty penny, focus your attention on rare breeds. AnydayGuide presents the list of the most expensive cat breeds.

You can hardly find an exclusive cat for less than $200. The most expensive of them cost $15-20 thousand. So, here you can see the rating of the most expensive cat breeds:

the Peterbald ($300 – 1300)
the Himalayan ($500 – 1300)
the Scottish Fold ($200 – 1500)
the Sphynx ($400 – 1500)
the British Shorthair ($500 – 1500)
the Maine Coon ($600 – 1500)
the LaPerm ($200 – 2000)
the Russian Blue ($400 – 200)
the Elf Cat ($2000)
the Toyger ($500 – 3000)
the American Curl ($1000 – 3000)
the Bengal ($1000 – 4000)
the Safari Cat ($4000 – 8000)
the Khao Manee ($7000 – 10 000)
the Chausie ($8000 – 10 000)
the Savannah ($ 4000 – 22 000)

The LaPerm cats which are in the middle of the rating are very extraordinary. Their distinctive feature is long curly fur. It looks like these cats have a fashionable lamb fur coat on. But be ready to look after the LaPerm and its fur every day.

The Khao Manee, the cat of the most ancient Thai breed, is in the top three. The distinct features of the Khao Manee are white short fur and a flexible, graceful and strong body. Quite often the eyes of these beautiful oriental cats have different colors, for example one is yellow, and the other is blue.

The Chausie cat takes the second place. This pet is a breed of the Abyssinian cat with the jungle cat. Though the Chausie is of a huge size (two times bigger than a common domestic cat), it is very tender. It is very playful and likes people.

The most expensive cat is the Savannah. It's a cross between a domestic cat and a serval. Unlike the Chausie, the Savannah looks exactly like it lives in wild savanna. Not only its distinctive spotty rapacious color, but also huge size are indicative of it. The Savannah's height at the withers can reach 60 cm and its average weight is 15 kg. Thus you will have a real exotic beast of prey in your house. Nevertheless the Savannah has a temper of a domestic cat. It is very calm, it can live with other pets and in spite of its high cost the Savannah in not very choosy.